Monday, October 13, 2014

This Sunday was the best Sunday I've ever had on my mission!

Well this week it got a lot colder! I dont think 8 months here has gotten me used to the weather haha. 
Where do i start? Well we got a referral from some other missionaries off they wanted us to go see this man, Tom Wood. He used to meet with them but he moved. So we looked and looked for this guy but couldnt find him, We asked some people in the area where he should be and they directed us to him! He said he was really glad we found him and was calling the church building and looking in book stores to get a Book of Mormon. Im glad we found him. 
   We met with David Lilly this week. Hes been investigating for a while now and has been hesitant about baptism. We didnt wanna push him, and i didnt want to stop teaching him cuz i see so much potential in him. This week when we met with him it was gunna be a make or break lesson to see if he really was interested in still meeting. We talked about baptism and the proper authority. He understood and asked if he could be baptized!!!!! so hes now on date which i didnt think would happen anytime soon. It was a testimony builder for sure! 
   This sunday was the best sunday ive ever had on my mission!! We had 4 at church! Charla Cline came!! she brought her friend kevin, who we've never met before. it was testimony meeting so the spirit was really strong. they both said they wanna come back next week! and Kevin wants us to come over and teach him!! We also had the 10 yr old twins at church!!!! Mackenzie and Lindsey!! They really enjoyed it. They fit right in in primary and had a great time! Sister Heller invited us, them and Sister Blackburn (theyre grandma) over for dinner! So after church we went over and had a great meal then a family home evening. that really brought the spirit for when we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I love that movie so much. It is really powerful. The twins liked it and after the movie, Elder Brenchley and i bore our testimonies and invited them to be baptized and they said yes! It was really great and the Hellers connected really well with them. 
    What an amazing time to be a missionary! The work is moving right along! Especially in this area! Im so grateful that i chose to be a missionary and serve my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.If you havent had the chance to see meet the mormons then go see it! im so excited that its playing in Bella Terra!! I hope all yalls week is great. Love you and am grateful for the prayers and support! I can feel it. Love you
Love Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Miracle in the rain

Conference was inspiring, uplifting and just all around wonderful. From the angelic music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to the talks inspired from men called of God. If you didnt watch it, you have time to repent! Its on LDS.ORG !! check it out haha. 
   Well this past week was great! We were walking to go see one of our potential investigators and this women said hi to us from her porch, so we stopped and talked with her. She ended up letting us in and said she used to meet with missionaries before and in VERY interested in family history!! So we have a return appointment with her and a couple in our ward who are very good with family history, tomorrow! It was a blessing to meet her.We also got to preview the Meet the Mormons movie! It was such a powerful film!!! I love it so much!!! Yall gotta go on and fill out the stuff to have it played near you!!! It has such a great message and shows that us Latter Day Saints arent extra terrestrial crazys! haha 
It has been getting a lot colder around here! The other morning it was hailing!!!! time to get out what i call my sleeping bag jacket. haha. Last night it was pouring rain! Our appointment for the night cancelled so we went over to Kroger and helped people out to their cars and load their groceries in the car without getting wet. It was a great way to meet people and see if they want to learn! There was this one lady who asked for some "literature" so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she gave us her address without us asking and told us to stop by! miracle! 
  Yesterday as we were getting our food for the week at wal-mart we ran into a lady from our ward, Sister Heller. she talked with us for a little while then she said, " finish up your shopping and ill buy your stuff"! she said when they lived in California, they would run into the Elders and buy their groceries for them! it was really kind of her! 
  Well thanks for all the prayers and love. it means a lot! Dont forget to spread the word about Meet The Mormons! its a powerful missionary tool. Love yall! 
Elder Johnson