Tuesday, July 29, 2014

43 YEARS!!!!!!

This week was good. We found more investigators! One lady in our ward has two 9 yer old grandaughters that want to be baptized so we stared teaching them! The grandma is less active so that will be good for her! We also helped teach a cub scout camp how to tie knots! probably 40 kids! it was so much fun! The leaders gave us a camp patch for helping. I got to talk with the parents and teach them about what missionaries do ! One parent invited us over for dinner! 
Brother Mcgrady got baptized on saturday!!!!!!!! hes been investigating for 43 years!!! we ate dinner at their home last night! they are the best! she feeds us so well.  
Short on time today but this was a good week. I can feel the prayers and support from home and greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of the HB missionaries for me!! Love yall!! 

Elder JohnsonMORMON.ORG

Monday, July 21, 2014

I wanna go!
Evidence of the remodel
This week we found sooo many families to teach!!! thyer all so nice and have kids that are baptism age! 
We were walking up one of the West Virginia hills the other day and we talked to this guy who was sitting on his pouch reading. We ITLd him (Invited To Learn) and he said "ill give ya 10 minutes"   I was sop excited! we talked about the Book of Mormon and answered some questions he had about the doctrine and things hes wondered his whole life. He said he really enjoyed the visit and if we ever wanted a drink or a ride down the hill to please knock on the door and ask. It was a cool experiance! 
  I didnt really give a run down on the area. Im in Beaver West Virginia haha. Thats right, Beaver haha. Good little town. Its really green and pretty with lots of nice people. the big news in the town is that the mcdonalds is remodled and opening in a week hahaha. Gotta love dem burgers. anywho, love this work soooo much. Being a missionary is the best thing anyone could do. Grateful for the privilege to be one!   
Love yall!!
Elder Johnson
New River Gorge Beaver West Virgina.  It hardly looks real!
Ahhh so cute
One stop shopping
A beaver dam

Little Beaver State Park

I had to do it
New River Gorge Bridge.  Its the highest bridge of its kind in the world!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Settiling in...Beckly West Virginia

Hills around Beckly West Virginia
Downtown Beckly West Virgina

New companion is Elder Mcmullin from boise Idaho. Hes a nice guy! we've been getting along really well!! President and sister Salisbury are soooo awesome!! The cellulitus is doing a lot better. still looks gross but its not spreading. Sister Palmer (mission nurse here) has been keeping tabs on me.  The Beckley area is no HB... but its what the Lord wants me to serve in. We moved the apartments right after i got there. neighbors were pot heads and the apartment wasent nice, hard to feel the Spirit in so the mission prez told us to move immidiatly. So we moved in with the other Beckley Elders. 4 elders in a house! yes a house! we live in the basement! its really nice. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Two Trips to the ER and I'm Charleston Bound

this week has been really crazy plus it got even more crazy just todayi went to the ER  twice this week cuz i got cellulitus on my leg pretty bad. i talked to the mission nurse and mission dr. They are both taking really good care of me and making sure im ok. NOO NEED TO WORRY    Ive been taking meds that should get rid of it. It started as poison ivy/oak and just spread really fast. it just itches, other than that im totally fine so please dont be worried or stress. The mission nurse calls me everyday to make sure im good.  more insane news! im leaving Lexington on thursday. President Salisbury called me about 2 hours ago and told me they really needed an Elder in Charleston and prayed and thought a  lot about it and he said that they need me. Not sure why i was picked but him and his wife and daughter are coming to get me on thursday and ill be driving with them the next day or so. Im excited and nervous. ill miss Lexington so much. again please dont freak out, im ok  It would be best to send any mail to the mission office for now   West Virginia Charleston Mission  888 Oakwood Road suite 310 Charleston West Virginia 25314-2071