Tuesday, July 29, 2014

43 YEARS!!!!!!

This week was good. We found more investigators! One lady in our ward has two 9 yer old grandaughters that want to be baptized so we stared teaching them! The grandma is less active so that will be good for her! We also helped teach a cub scout camp how to tie knots! probably 40 kids! it was so much fun! The leaders gave us a camp patch for helping. I got to talk with the parents and teach them about what missionaries do ! One parent invited us over for dinner! 
Brother Mcgrady got baptized on saturday!!!!!!!! hes been investigating for 43 years!!! we ate dinner at their home last night! they are the best! she feeds us so well.  
Short on time today but this was a good week. I can feel the prayers and support from home and greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of the HB missionaries for me!! Love yall!! 

Elder JohnsonMORMON.ORG

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