Monday, August 4, 2014

A tornado, a hurricane, and an overturned van, But, we still taught some great people!

This week was a wild one! We set two of our investigators on date!!!!! darrel and jennifer! daddy daughter! We taught the plan of salvation and they really liked that one cuz they lost their mother and one of the brothers. Then we watched prophet of the restoration. The spirit was very strong and after they kept saying that they loved it and jennifer stopped and said. she felt good. So i asked her to be baptized and she said yes and so did darrel! They are excited to be baptized together! 
    We have been getting fed a lot more now! These sisters in relief society were at lunch together last week and were talking about us and figured out that we werent getting fed so they diviyed it up and each picked a day in the week that theyed feed us annually hahah. We went to the Hellers last night and they gave us some deer meat to take home! pretty awesome! We went to brother snuffers house and he always wants to play pool with the missionaries so we played for  little. i won 3 times :) We were at the youngs house and we had dinner and as we were about to leave a typhoon came and it came down so hard that sister young wouldnt let us leave till it passed. So we stayed and watched mormon messages haha. Sister mcgrady called us this morning and toild us to come over for dinner wednesday for duinner cuz shes "worried about us " haha. shes so awesome.  
    Wednesday night we were walking home and we hear screaming and loud sounds, a puase then louder screams and a loud crash sound. So we ran over and saw that a van had flipped over and hit a tree!! we were gunna help but they jumped out and some lady told us we needed to go. Probably wasent safe anyways cuz we were in down town beckley and its a lot like LA... There was a tornado the other day! it touched down in Huntington and heade our way but it barley missed it. The huge dark scray cloud went over though. 
     After emailing we have to take our car in cuz it has a recall.. if it has the defect then we get a rental car! im excited! 
Hope all is well in the OC! i sure miss everyone and appreciate the prayers and support. They can be felt when things get rough. Love yall!!

Elder Johnson

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