Monday, August 25, 2014

I've picked my jersey!

this week was awesome!!!! the coolest part is that 3 times during the week people came up to us and asked us if we could teach them!!! President Salisubury said if we're doing what we're supposed to then people will come to us! guess we're going ok then ;) haha. ill tell the story of one of them, Richard Green. We were at lunch as a district in taco bell on friday. We were getting ready to leave and this guy, looks really shy and asks me if we're mormons. he then said hes been looking for a church and was wondering if we could help! so we exchanges info and met with saturday! he agreed with all the points of the restoration and accepted baptism!! hes a really awesome guy and cant wait to watch him come closer to Christ and eternal life! 
Zone meeting this past week was very inspiring! it started at 9am and we got home at 530pm! one of my favorite parts was how president described how we do things as missionaries. if we are just doing an action or accomplishing something. He would walk in place for the action, then walk a few steps for the accomplishment. heres an example that has really helped me. when going to church, are we just attending. just doing the action of attending church? or are we going to church and participating, worshiping, and trying to get something out of what we hear even when we can tell someone hasent prepared? are we accomplishing anything? that was really helpful as i applied that to going to church and all aspects of missionary work. even as non full-time missionaries, we can apply this.
we had a cool ward party this weekend. really fun games and music. had some non members come! it was a great missionary opportunity. nothing like a good ol BBQ. 
 I saw (my trainer)  Elder prince at zone conference!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome to see him!! we were laughing and reminiscing of my greeny days haha. its really weird to think that ive been out 7 months. it has flown by soo fast. It motivates me to work hard cuz i know when i look back i dont want to have any regrets. no wishing i did this or didnt do that. 
check out   its a movie about mormons!! if it gets popluar enough theyll play it in theaters near you! What a wonderful tool we can use to share the gospel. The Lord is hastinging His work. We need to do it His way. I love being able to share the gospel in such an exciting time for missionary work! work with the local missionaries!!! Help them share the gospel. Dont be afraid to share it with friends. dont let them be denied eternal happiness. I love this work with all my heart. Its hard at times but i know this is the winning team. ive picked my jersey. Love yall. Hope all continues to be well! 
Love Elder Johnson

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