Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#AllFlash #NoShame

  Hello one and all!! Hope yall had as great of a week as I did! We had transfers, but im still here in Roanoke! My new companion is so stinking awesome!! We are always laughing and having a great time!! Its only been like 3 days but we have had the most glorious 3 days. We have been busy teaching and having a great time! Chris has been coming out with us and that's always good times.    We used our crockpot  that mom got me and it went great! had a nice chicken and rice casserole waiting for us when we got home from church! props to mama Johnson for the sweet hook ups ;) 
   We had a really sweet lesson with Kevin Brown! Hes such a family man and loves reading the Book of Mormon
every chance he gets. hes always working to help support his family. In the next few weeks he'll be able to slow down and come to church! We taught him a little bit about the temple and he is really excited to lean more. I always love to picture our investigators in baptismal white and temple white!! Talking to people about the temple brings such a strong desire to go! 
   On Sunday before sacrament meeting, there was an elderly women who was taking selfies in the foyer, it was the greatest thing! I couldn't believe it! she had it on flash and had no shame! haha. Frankie rosser is a really cool convert and had us over for a cookout he was having! he makes really good food and he kept feeding us till we were about to bust! We were able to teach Nylaejah while we were there. shes is really smart and and kind. shes 11 and is working towards baptism. Shes should be ready in a few weeks! Kelly is doing great!! hes really working to get to church. his back pain has been bothering him but hes been praying. We've had a powerful lesson with him the other day and the spirit hit him. i love seeing the spirit work with people and help them find the peace they're looking for. 
   Its been a wonderful past few days. Thank you for your prayers, i feel the support and love. I love it so much here in Roanoke and my new companion Elder Millard. Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Transfer Blues

Well we had a great last week together as JLo! finishing strong! haha. quick shout out to my brother Joseph! He had his birthday over this past week, and getting married soon! Cant wait! 
     We had zone conference with president and Sister Salisbury. They had Elder Lopez and i sitting up in front with President and sister Salisbury! usually its the assistants but we were conducting. it was a lot of fun! Sister Salisbury had us take selfies on her ipad haha We learned how to be creative in the way we find teach and baptize; being a full purpose missionary. for example, if we are doing s service project, then we would invite a less active or an investigator to join us to feel the charity you feel as you serve. and have them invite a friend and have them serve to and meet the missionaries! its wonderful and there are SOO many ideas. 
   We were able to meet with Jenny our neighbor! she is so awesome! shes real and doesn't like how the world is moving away from Christ. we agree! thats why were out here! haha We have been trying to contact the crawfords, a part member family and we saw sister Crawford as we were driving to an appointment so we stopped and said hi! they are such cool people!!! i felt so comfortable and loved. 
   Roanoke had their 25th anniversary of the Colors festival and we got to be a part of it! its its one of the largest cultural festivals in Virginia. We had missionaries there all day in shifts. The public affairs rep for our stake was there and said that we could get put in the Roanoke times! Chris took some pictures of us all and it should be in the paper!
    Well transfers are tomorrow. i get to stay in Roanoke for another transfer! but Elder Lopez is getting transferred to Blacksburg. ill sure miss him, we've had a blast serving together! We'll see each other on the plane ride home though! i love it here in Roanoke. Ilove teaching people about the temple! its such a powerful place! i cant wait till i can go when i get back home!! hope yall have a great week! your in my thoughts and prayers! 
Elder Johnson 

Monday, May 11, 2015

You can call us J-Lo

what a blessing it is to have mothers. im blessed to have the mother i do. Hope yall had a wonderful mothers day! i had a blast talking with my family! especially my dear mother :) it was also wonderful to see and talk with my soon to be sister in law Rachel! 
So we had lunch with our neighbor Steve. hes very hospitable, and fed us good! his wife carol is very kind! 
I love the people here, both members and investigators! everyone is really friendly. the area is so beautiful during this time of the year to! everything is so green! the weather is warming up to so its time to bust out the short sleeve shirts! 
so we went to chik fil la (probably spelled wrong but you get the idea) for lunch and when we walked in a nice young man came around from the register and introduced himself. he called us elders which people don't call us unless they know us or are members haha. hes not a member but used to live in utah and liked the missionaries there. we invited him to come to church and he said hes been wanting to come to our church so he should be coming this next Sunday!! 
Elder Lopez and i decide that together we are J-lo, so that's what a lot of the members call us haha
We have been teaching people who speak Spanish, and englsih as a 2nd language. so there is a barrier. but ive been praying for help to be able to know whats being said and studying things in Spanish. as we've been teaching i understand what they're saying then i respond in English and they can understand what im saying. its so amazing how the Lord has his hand in HIS work and how i can be a small part, to receive the gift to understand people who speak another language. i love this work with all my heart. love yall so much! have a GREEAAAT week! 
Love Elder Johnson   

Monday, May 4, 2015

HaPpY MoThErS DaY!!

Zipa de do da, zipa de day! my oh my what a wonderful day! the sun is shining, its 70 degrees, its almost like being in California again, except we got water here! it has been a week of great things happening. Clark sent me some of joseph and Rachel's engagement photos, those are epic! haha

so this week we were in  walmart picking up a few things and this lady comes up to us and asks us if we're elders. we said yes and she was got all excited and said well im sister Farley from Vinton. so we talked and she asked if we had had lunch yet, we hadn't so she invited us to go with her! We went to the Golden Corral! haha it was truly an honor to get to know her! she has had some really hard things happen in her life. we laughed pretty much the whole time. she had this royal feel about her. after a lot of food and laughs we walked back to our cars and she stopped and thanked us for coming to lunch and said she hadn't had that much fun in a long time :)
our trip to Charleston was fun! i always love being with president and sister Salisbury. they always teach us with such power!  Chris has been coming out with us! he's a funny guy! he had us over for dinner last night, and made us resses milkshakes!! soo good! he's always got u laughing. We have been seeing our investigator/ neighbor steve. hes a funny guy! he's very curious about what we do as missionaries and members of the church and has a fun personality. he flagged us down this morning on the way to the library and talked to him for a bit. he's having us over for lunch tomorrow!
Well today we have the cool opportunity to call a young man from Arizona that is coming to our mission! get to welcome to the WVCM fold! im pretty excited.
well im lovin it here in the wild wonderful West Virginia Charleston mission!! hope its a great week for yall! have a wonderful mothers day!!!
Elder Johnson