Monday, May 4, 2015

HaPpY MoThErS DaY!!

Zipa de do da, zipa de day! my oh my what a wonderful day! the sun is shining, its 70 degrees, its almost like being in California again, except we got water here! it has been a week of great things happening. Clark sent me some of joseph and Rachel's engagement photos, those are epic! haha

so this week we were in  walmart picking up a few things and this lady comes up to us and asks us if we're elders. we said yes and she was got all excited and said well im sister Farley from Vinton. so we talked and she asked if we had had lunch yet, we hadn't so she invited us to go with her! We went to the Golden Corral! haha it was truly an honor to get to know her! she has had some really hard things happen in her life. we laughed pretty much the whole time. she had this royal feel about her. after a lot of food and laughs we walked back to our cars and she stopped and thanked us for coming to lunch and said she hadn't had that much fun in a long time :)
our trip to Charleston was fun! i always love being with president and sister Salisbury. they always teach us with such power!  Chris has been coming out with us! he's a funny guy! he had us over for dinner last night, and made us resses milkshakes!! soo good! he's always got u laughing. We have been seeing our investigator/ neighbor steve. hes a funny guy! he's very curious about what we do as missionaries and members of the church and has a fun personality. he flagged us down this morning on the way to the library and talked to him for a bit. he's having us over for lunch tomorrow!
Well today we have the cool opportunity to call a young man from Arizona that is coming to our mission! get to welcome to the WVCM fold! im pretty excited.
well im lovin it here in the wild wonderful West Virginia Charleston mission!! hope its a great week for yall! have a wonderful mothers day!!!
Elder Johnson

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