Monday, June 30, 2014

Pooped on by a parrot but the work is going GREAT!

Well i had a great week!!!!! i had a wonderful birthday!!! see ya teenage years!!  i got 3 packages!!! and letters of celebration! Elder Hollembeak baught me lunch cake! We were able to meet with steve, which was a blessing. At first he tried to get us to leave but his heart was softened and we were able to talk to him and have a great lesson and he asked a whole bunch of questions that hes always had. i went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. I went with Elder Blakely. Hes sooo awesome, love that Elder so much. We were up in Buena Vista. We were able ti find a family of 4 that was interested in learning!!! and they set up a time for us to come back!! blessings! We went and taught a less active family and they had a perit. It came on my shoulder and sat there the whole lesson hahah, and at the end he pooped on me but it was funny.
    President Salisbury is officially our new president! The Pitts are home now, they will be missed a lot but im excited for the new kids on the block. 
 We met with Rebecca and Salvidor this week! they are doing so great! shes really excited to be baptized and is progressing really well. We talked to Salvidor about baptism and asked him if he wants to be baptized on the same day as her. he said he really loves the church and the bishop and doctrine and everything, hes just waiting to get an answer from prayer if its what he should do. 
    Lee is slowly progressing, hes still nervous about being baptized but we're still working with him. We have been working really hard this week and we saw miracles. being a missionary is the best decision ive made in my life. Being able to see people come closer to Christ and help them feel the Spirit is such a joy. im so grateful for all the people that have prepared me to be who i am and gave me the experiences ive had. Even down to my sunbeam days haha. 
 Well it was such an amazing week and so much has happened. i wish i had time to talk about everything!!! i write in my journal so ill just read that to yall when i get home! 
 I love my companions. Elder Wagstaff is hilarious!! hes always cracking a joke and hes so blunt!! haha hes great. Elder Hollembeak is super funny aswell. Hes very smart and has a good understanding of the gospel. The work here in Lexington is going REALLY well. Thanks for all the prayers and support! And thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!!
   Love Elder Johnson
Washington & Lee University
some sights in Lexington
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Three's Company

New mission president this week!!! Excited to meet him and his wife! This week i got my reinforcements!! Elder Hollembeak and Elder Wagstaff. They are awesome!!!! Elder Wagstaff is a little sheltered but says the most random funniest things. hes a tiny guy. Elder Hollembeak is a funny guy, determined  about the work. We all work together so wonderfully. we got along from the second we met eachother! Elder Wagstaff has been out 21 months, Elder Hollembeak 6 months. I love how motivated to work they are and the spirit they have. We've been working really hard and seen many miracles, even in the short amount of time together.
     We have been praying to find specific people. For example, we prayed on thursday to find a man that has been searching for a new church and who wonders if God is aware of him; and that Moroni 10:3-5 would touch his heart. Later that day we met that man we prayed for while tracting!!!! It was amazing!! We've also found people who are really willing to learn. It is coming from our obedience. Waking up at 630, Leaving the apt at 10, taking only 1 hr for lunch, all these things effect our day and how intune we are with the spirit. 
        We tracted in the rain! it was a really fun experience!! We were walking down the street knocking doors and this clou8d pulls up and just starts raining on us like no other! poring rain! We were soaked to the bone but we didnt stop!! We knock more doors and people were so impressed with our diligence! If we went inside we wouldnt have met the man we prayed for. Tracting with 3 people is so much fun! 
     We talked to this one 97 yr old guy yesterday! he was hilarious!! He opened the door and said to me "You must be a football player" he called Elder Hollembeak a lover and Elder Wagstaff a fighter. hahaha
     Well i only have 3 more days of being a teenager! crazy!!! anyway, hope all is well and love ya!

 Love Elder Johnson

Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell... June 16, 2014

This past week was crazy!! Best part was Specialized training with President and Sister Pitt. It was the last time we will see them. Our zone was their last group of missionaries so it was pretty emotional. IT was very spiritually intense. We did some really inspiring role plays. at the end we all sat in a circle and everyone stood and bore their testimony of the Savior. It was really powerful. Lots of tears from everyone. Ill really miss the Pitts. They said that we are sacred to them and hope that we stay in touch when we get home.
      We had a crazy week this week. Transfers is tomorrow and im staying. ill be getting 2 new companions!!! 2!! pretty dang cool. Ill have to run Lexington for a few weeks till they get a good feel for the new area. Im excited. President and Sister Salisbury arrive very soon, i cant wait to meet them. Rebecca is on date to be baptized on june 28!! i really hope that shell make it. We're working with her husband Salvidor, he speaks little English but he feels the spirit. They come to church every week and we asked Salvidor what he thought about it and he said "feels good. warm heart" and touched his heart and smiled! super awesome!! i love being a missionary! 
         We went about an hours drive into a really far part of our area to see some less active members. We stopped at a truck stop for a snack. We felt really out of place cuz it was us dressed up all nice in our Subaru and these dirty trucker men with these huge rigs haha. For Pday there are some members that are taking us to a zoo safari  today haha that should be fun. being a missionary is the best decision ive ever made.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Who the Lord calls, He qualifies

So this past week was super awesome!! I went on exchanges with my zone leader. I was really nervous at first cuz i had to run my area. So of course i prayed. I asked Heavenly Father for the strength and faith to do what he wants me to do. Right after i prayed the first thought that came to my mind was "who the Lord calls, He qualifies" Its so true. He wouldnt ask me to do anything that i wasent able to do so i went forward with full confidence. It was a really good day and we talked to some awesome people. During the end of the day we went tracting and so i picked a place  and we got there an d we prayed before we started to find a couple that would be willing to listen to us or invite us bacl. After i prayed then spirit told me that you will find people. Im not even kidding; right when we got out of the car there was a couple that was walking to theyre driveway and we Talked to them and said we could come back!!!! Then we knocked on some more doors and every person said we could come back!!!!! one of the guys was drunk but thats ok, the Lord loves everyone. Another lady, We knocked on her door and she came out and looked at us and started laughing. Confused we asked how she was doing and imtroduced ourselfs. she was like " i know who you are, i just think its crazy that right as i sat down and started reading my bible you guys showed up. Long story short she invited us back and took a Book of Mormon!! as we were leaaving her house a guy walking stopped us and talked with us, gave us his number and said he wants to meet with us!! CARZY!!!! so this week was really awesome. We just had a really fun zone pday. I love my zone, ive git really awesome missionaries around me! I sed the crock pot for the Zone Pday


Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

 hey mom! so this weel was kinda bad... 

We got infested with bed bugs and we were quarantined for 1 1/12 days. We werent able to go out at all and it sucked. After that, we had a bed bug guy come and exterminate them. he got to our place at 11, and finished at 4pm. We werent able to go back into  our  apt till 9pm!!! We went out to Goshan and help tear down a trailer for these people in our ward. It wss pretty fun. Theyre son Matthew is going on a mission to idaho in 2 weeks so we hung out with him and ate dinner at theyre home. It was fun, they have a really nice big 4 story home! and for dinner we had mahi mahi!!! it was super good! anyway,we came back home that night and we had to do ALL our laundry so we went to the laundry mat and did it all, we got home at 2:30 am.  OH! also we had to deep clean our apt and move everything to the middle of all our rooms to prepare for the extermination. Its still not put together but at least we arent sleeping in the living room anymore  
 despite all that, This area is seriously mind blowing how beautiful it is!!!! i took lots of pictures. We went on a walk last night and we went on this trail that went along the river and it was amazing. It went through this tunnel, super pretty. OH!!!! On thursday we went up to drive on blueridge pass, most breath taking place, its famous for its beauty. We stopped at this one place on the side of the road and we walked up into it and it was seriously so tropical and like a rain forest. There were waterfalls and trees and streams, it was like we were in the avatar world!! sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This place is so beautiful, it does'nt even look real.

This looks like the Sacred Grove to me