Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell... June 16, 2014

This past week was crazy!! Best part was Specialized training with President and Sister Pitt. It was the last time we will see them. Our zone was their last group of missionaries so it was pretty emotional. IT was very spiritually intense. We did some really inspiring role plays. at the end we all sat in a circle and everyone stood and bore their testimony of the Savior. It was really powerful. Lots of tears from everyone. Ill really miss the Pitts. They said that we are sacred to them and hope that we stay in touch when we get home.
      We had a crazy week this week. Transfers is tomorrow and im staying. ill be getting 2 new companions!!! 2!! pretty dang cool. Ill have to run Lexington for a few weeks till they get a good feel for the new area. Im excited. President and Sister Salisbury arrive very soon, i cant wait to meet them. Rebecca is on date to be baptized on june 28!! i really hope that shell make it. We're working with her husband Salvidor, he speaks little English but he feels the spirit. They come to church every week and we asked Salvidor what he thought about it and he said "feels good. warm heart" and touched his heart and smiled! super awesome!! i love being a missionary! 
         We went about an hours drive into a really far part of our area to see some less active members. We stopped at a truck stop for a snack. We felt really out of place cuz it was us dressed up all nice in our Subaru and these dirty trucker men with these huge rigs haha. For Pday there are some members that are taking us to a zoo safari  today haha that should be fun. being a missionary is the best decision ive ever made.

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