Monday, June 23, 2014

Three's Company

New mission president this week!!! Excited to meet him and his wife! This week i got my reinforcements!! Elder Hollembeak and Elder Wagstaff. They are awesome!!!! Elder Wagstaff is a little sheltered but says the most random funniest things. hes a tiny guy. Elder Hollembeak is a funny guy, determined  about the work. We all work together so wonderfully. we got along from the second we met eachother! Elder Wagstaff has been out 21 months, Elder Hollembeak 6 months. I love how motivated to work they are and the spirit they have. We've been working really hard and seen many miracles, even in the short amount of time together.
     We have been praying to find specific people. For example, we prayed on thursday to find a man that has been searching for a new church and who wonders if God is aware of him; and that Moroni 10:3-5 would touch his heart. Later that day we met that man we prayed for while tracting!!!! It was amazing!! We've also found people who are really willing to learn. It is coming from our obedience. Waking up at 630, Leaving the apt at 10, taking only 1 hr for lunch, all these things effect our day and how intune we are with the spirit. 
        We tracted in the rain! it was a really fun experience!! We were walking down the street knocking doors and this clou8d pulls up and just starts raining on us like no other! poring rain! We were soaked to the bone but we didnt stop!! We knock more doors and people were so impressed with our diligence! If we went inside we wouldnt have met the man we prayed for. Tracting with 3 people is so much fun! 
     We talked to this one 97 yr old guy yesterday! he was hilarious!! He opened the door and said to me "You must be a football player" he called Elder Hollembeak a lover and Elder Wagstaff a fighter. hahaha
     Well i only have 3 more days of being a teenager! crazy!!! anyway, hope all is well and love ya!

 Love Elder Johnson

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