Monday, August 31, 2015

Clarksburg is on fire, and so are my feet! hahaha

 Wow, I don't think I've walked this much in my life! haha We walk literally everywhere, its such a great workout! Im slimming down ;) We have been able to talk to A LOT of people! There are so many people who need the gospel and they are passing us and we get to help them come closer to Christ! There are so many people in the world that need the Atonement. 
   I think of Christ and His Atonement every time I get tired of walking or if I get upset that our plans don't always go the way I want them to. It helps so much to know the He perfectly understands me and can and will comfort me. I love it here in Clarksburg, the Ward is really helpful and the people are kind! 
   We were walking downtown and were talking to people, and this one lady (Jessie)  we were talking to said that she wasn't to interested but her mom might be. So we stopped by and she came down at the end of the lesson and she said she would like to meet with us. We met 2 days later and talked about the Atonement and she said it filled a hole in her heart. She asked about being baptized before we asked her! She accepted and came to church Sunday! Church couldn't have been more perfect for her. After we asked her how she felt and she said she was in tears! She stayed for Sunday school, 3rd hour AND for the munch and mingle that happened after church!! The members were so helpful to befriend her. It was such a sweet experience!
   We are officially moving into our new place tomorrow, im super excited for that! We have our own little house so I can sing really loud in the shower and not have to worry about bugging the neighbors haha. We decided to tract this one street and we had like 5 people set up and appointments! The work really is hastening here! I LOVE being a missionary so much! It has been such a growing experince and I know Im growing so much closer to my Heavenly Father! Keep being awesome, love yall!! 
Elder Johnson
Elder Johnson with Sister Combs and Elder Harris who are headed home

Our new place!

Monday, August 24, 2015

He yelled at us from a megaphone!

 What a jam packed week! I didn't expect to be this busy opening an area!  Got a lot going on so i have to make this kinda fast! sorry! 
   So we met this guy we yelled at us from a megaphone and called us over haha. He had great questions and has been prepared by the Lord! He took us to dinner after the lesson, then drove us home! is was awesome! 
   Played basketball the other night with nonmembers! There was a member (Sister Hamerick?)  that is from Hawaii but she knows the Fuga family! shes down in Irvine and surrounding cities! i surprised myself at how many shots i made! 
   Theres this awesome family, the Ingolds! They remind me a lot of my parents! Such funny, awesome people! He took us to a couple appointments and dinner. Hes a great man.
   Had a wonderful meeting with President and Sister Salisbury! I love every time we get to be with them. Had a very enlightening meeting as always! I wish i had time to talk about the many things learned! 
  We have had so many miracles! I LOVE being a missionary! 

Elder Johnson 

Monday, August 17, 2015

A week of change

 This week was full of lots of change. It was hard to leave Roanoke and Elder Millard but I know its the Lords will! I'm excited to be here in Clarksburg with Elder Harris! He is from Goodyear AZ. Hes such a great missionary! We have been walking a ton! Not sure when We'll ride the bikes because there are a lot of steep hills haha. We have been seeing so many great things happen here already in the few short days! 
   I have been having so many prayers answered and my faith has been strengthened so much. We have been having a lot of fun to! the first day we had lunch at this place called "Grandma Cookies Hot dog stand" haha. It was great! 
   The members here are really nice! We have been already building relationships with them. It has been fun learning the area and seeing this half of the mission, i have never served up here before. This area is beautiful. Lots of cool history! 
   Sorry this week is short! Got a lot to do today! Ill send my new address when we move into our new place! We are currently living with the other elders, one of them being Elder Kamauu!! We have served around each other before
 Love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A week of many doors knocked, sad good byes and Manny and Shayla go baptized!! President Salisbury gave me a call on Sunday and asked me if I would train a new missionary! Of course I accepted! Ill be serving in in Clarksburg WV in a bike area! Ill be able to drop more weight! It'll be a hard transfer because I've been here for 6 months and loved every minute of it. Elder Millard and I have had such a blast together, itll be hard not serving together. I know the Lord has many great things ahead though :)
   Sunday at Manny and Shayla's baptism, the Spirit was so strong. They were both so excited and had such  a light about them. It was an amazing feeling being in the font with Shayla and her and Manny being so happy. They have come so far and have made so many changes to be where they are. They had to give up some habits, so to help and show our support we gave up milkshakes... that's was a lot harder than it seems hahaha. We were able to finally get them on Saturday, we all had a milkshake party haha!
    We had a fun time last pday, going through the Dixie Caverns. It reminded me a lot of the caves in Mt Timpanogis is Utah (probably butchered that haha). It was really fun to be together as the Roanoke zone and have a good time. Roanoke is such a Glorious place! I have very much enjoyed my time here, I know Ill have many more awesome adventures ahead! The other day we had a random huge storm come through! It was knocking branches out of trees because the wind was blowing so hard! The rain was coming down so hard. it was fun!
   Well, ill be back Monday with all the fun details about Clarksburg and the new missionary ill be with! Im so excited! Have a great week!
 Elder Johnson  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Our jaws were on the floor

   Well sorry for being late to emails this week. President Salisbury texted us this morning and said he, Sister Salisbury and their son Jordan were there playing basketball and wanted us to join! Jordan got home from his mission in the Philippines a couple days ago. Hes a really chill guy!  It was a lot of fun spending some time with them outside of the "official" meetings and such.
   We had a really crazy cool experiences with tacting this week!  First off we were walking down this street and we felt some huge drops. I thought it was bird poop because it was clear blues skies. But we hear this loud noise... We look over and its a wall of water and its coming down in buckets!!! We looked at each other and made a run for it back to the car! as we were running the wall was coming for us! It only caught us in the last few seconds before we reached the mini van but we were really wet! haha We were laughing so hard! We didn't know why we were scared but we just ran like we were running from a tsunami hahaha!
   We also met this guy in Fincastle. We came up to him while he was sitting outside and he invited us in! It was nice because it was really hot outside! He asked us how to know the ture church and if there was a book that could help clarify the bible... our jaws were on the floor! haha
  Sorry for the short email! It was a great week! Transfers next week!! Ill be back Wednesday!
Love yall!
Elder Johnson