Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A week of many doors knocked, sad good byes and Manny and Shayla go baptized!! President Salisbury gave me a call on Sunday and asked me if I would train a new missionary! Of course I accepted! Ill be serving in in Clarksburg WV in a bike area! Ill be able to drop more weight! It'll be a hard transfer because I've been here for 6 months and loved every minute of it. Elder Millard and I have had such a blast together, itll be hard not serving together. I know the Lord has many great things ahead though :)
   Sunday at Manny and Shayla's baptism, the Spirit was so strong. They were both so excited and had such  a light about them. It was an amazing feeling being in the font with Shayla and her and Manny being so happy. They have come so far and have made so many changes to be where they are. They had to give up some habits, so to help and show our support we gave up milkshakes... that's was a lot harder than it seems hahaha. We were able to finally get them on Saturday, we all had a milkshake party haha!
    We had a fun time last pday, going through the Dixie Caverns. It reminded me a lot of the caves in Mt Timpanogis is Utah (probably butchered that haha). It was really fun to be together as the Roanoke zone and have a good time. Roanoke is such a Glorious place! I have very much enjoyed my time here, I know Ill have many more awesome adventures ahead! The other day we had a random huge storm come through! It was knocking branches out of trees because the wind was blowing so hard! The rain was coming down so hard. it was fun!
   Well, ill be back Monday with all the fun details about Clarksburg and the new missionary ill be with! Im so excited! Have a great week!
 Elder Johnson  

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