Monday, November 24, 2014

Do something fun and enjoy life!

What a wonderful week it has been! We've been working on finding more investigators and we found some really awesome people!  We had a cool experience meeting a man name Dave Cook. We knocked on his door and he asked if we were preachers or Jehovah Witnesses. we explained who we are and talked a little about families. He said he wasn't interested and started closing the door but paused and said would you like a drink? we said yes cause we knew that would most likely get us in the door and allow us more time to talk. So he let us in and told us to have a seat! turned out he's good friends with a Less Active member who has been wanting to come back to church! so we have plans to take them over and have a lesson with him! what a blessing!  We were also able to meet with Doyle and Shirley. . We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and they really felt the spirit, they even told us they did. It was a powerful lesson. We also we blessed to finally get a hold of Melissa and Emily! they both are praying to know if baptism is for them.    
    The beginning of the week was freezing! our car was frozen shut haha. We also found this lake that was frozen over! i had never walked on a frozen body of water so, why not!? it was cool! The wind the past 2 days have been 55 mph! i love the wind so its been fun!
Elder Baxter of the 70 came and spoke at our stake conference! We got to ride up with the Young's, man was that a blast! Elder Baxter is such a powerful speaker. one thing that was really powerful was what he said about temples. Every cornerstone that's placed weakens satans power. something else that he said, which made me wanna do temple work so bad was thinking of the people we're doing the work for. picturing them rejoicing when we go to the temple exclaiming "todays my day!" It really
brought the spirit putting it in that perspective.
Well I love yall and hope this week is a good one! Do something fun and enjoy life!
Elder Johnson

Beautiful West Virginia Fall

Walking on a frozen pond

Monday, November 17, 2014

You've been notified!

this week was awesome! 
The other night we tried this new BBQ joint in town called Dickeys. Man was it good!! the waitress and cashier lady REALLY wanted me to get some pie, it was very tempting. what tipped the scale was that they offered me a piece of cheese cake for free if i get a piece of pie! anyone who knows me knows that sweets are my weakness so i gave in! haha it was worth it cuz we invited them to learn about the church! 
We had some really great experiences this week, especially with member coming out with us! We have been trying to figure out how we could help "sister" Cline understand the gospel and what would be beneficial for her to have a spiritual experience. The members who we took over were the people who were meant to be there and share their testimony. Members have such an impact on investigators. Missionaries get transferred all the time, members are long term and establish that immediate support system that is soo crucial for an investigator. Sister Clines progression really has gone way faster with the member support! 
The Spirit is so great!  I had a lot of times where i felt the Holy Ghost speak through me in lessons. We gotta just open our mouths and talk to people and the Spirit WILL give you the words to say. thats a  promise from the Lord to missionaries AND members!! how awesome is that! If you have someone thats been on your mind, that youve wanted to share the gospel with, pray about it and go for it! 
We have been having a god time "notifying" members in the ward. Its where we take a bunch of sticky notes and write a bunch of nice things, post them, ring the door and knock, then RUN! its so much fun! i love seeing peoples reactions to it, especially less actives :) 
These past 9 1/2 months have just flown by! im excited to keep serving! i love this work so much! take care and happy early thanksgiving! 

Love Elder Johnson

Monday, November 10, 2014

Knocking on the door like you're the cops

what a week! We had some interesting things happen! 
We went to see one of our investigators, "Ms.W". shes this energetic, spicy African American women. Elder Brenchley knocked on her door with his loud knock but she didnt answer so we were walking back to our car when we heard " and WHERE do you boys think your going? knocking on my door like your the cops then take off! get over here!" hahahahaha it was hilarious; thats Ms W for ya. We had a great lesson with her, helping her figure out her purpose here on earth through the plan of salvation lesson. 
We were stopping by to see our investigator Loukas, they needed to reschedule. as we were leaving we heard someone from down the street yell "Elders!!!"  It was Sister Young, so we drove over and she invited us over to dinner that night! She had already feed us once! I love the young family so much. they make me feel so loved and support us a lot. We had dinner with the Heller family, who i also love a lot. Sister young and her son Ryan came over when were finishing up and sharing a spiritual thought. before we left sister Heller wanted to sing a few hyms with us. It brought the spirit very strongly. 
Tom Wood and Charla Cline came to church this sunday! President and sister Salisbury came to our ward Sunday also!! The talks were great, classes went well! Was a great day!! President interviewed us during sunday school. we walked around the building a few times as we talked. i love the Salisburys so very much. During priesthood Tom spoke up and complimented Elder Brenchley and i very kindly and said we were "his missionaries"; "his guys". its really awesome and makes a missionary feel really good to have their investigator call them their missionary. ahh being a missionary is the best!! i love serving other people and sharing the sacred restored truths with them. honk and wave at the next missionaries you see while driving! maybe even stop and say hi. love yall so much!

Love, Elder Johnson