Monday, July 27, 2015

Missionaries dream of having a week like this!

   I've decided that every day of every week here in Roanoke with the best companion is great, cause it is! We had another fantastic week! Some really great things are happening not only in our area but in the whole zone! Went on an exchange with the Vinton elders. I was with Elder Zazueta, my MTC companion! It was a blast to be with him again! We had a fun time reminiscing and working hard. We also exchanged with Cave Spring, I was with Elder Bovee! He's such a fun elder! We had such a great day! We went from appointment to appointment all day and found 3 new investigators! We have been working in Daleville and seeing so much success there!
   Manny and Shayla are so awesome, if you haven't guessed from my past emails haha. They are doing so well! They have been fighting over who gets to read the Book of Mormon and who's going to get baptized first haha, they are scheduled for the 8th! Shayla got the gospel library app on her phone so they don't have to fight over the Book haha. They have come so  far and we have grown so close to them! It amazes me to see how  the gospel can change lives so much. They have been sharing the gospel with their friends! We started teaching their friends!
   It all starts with Wednesday night planning. We prayed very specifically to find people to find the next day that had been prepared, and is looking for truth. When we went over to teach Manny and Shayla they had their friends over and asked them if they wanted to listen to a message, they sais they would! We had a great lesson, many and Shayla were baring powerful testimony about coming to church and how they came to know the church was true, it was a tender moment. After, Kendra and Shawn (the friends) were looking at each other kinda laughing. When we asked what's up, they told us that they were going to find their church this week, then we show up! We gave them a Book of Mormon and Shawn said, "its heavier than I thought". Kendra said "cause its got power!" pretty much every missionaries dream lesson!
    I wish I had more time to share all of the many adventures we're having! We are having such a blast! This some of the most fun times I've had on my mission! The Lord is so mindful of us and wants to help us. Always be mindful of those around you that may need the comforting gospel message! love yall!
Elder Johnson

   ps. Elder Millard and I now understand why dogs love this so much
I know Spike loved to do this

No sure exactly what kind of tome foolery is going on here

Monday, July 20, 2015

The work is Hastening!

   What a great week here in the Roanoke valley! We stayed super busy this week. The Roanoke zone is seeing so many miracles. We have been seeing a lot. especially as we have been going through the ward roster and finding less active members that we can work with and we found this name and decided to stop by, best decision ever!! We found this young couple, the wife is a member but her husband is not! They were so welcoming, they let us right in and gave us a ice cream sandwich! Super cool people.
   We did some door knocking to find some new investigators and almost every door we knocked they told us to come back! That is always nice to hear! We also stopped by the family history library in the church. Im still trying to figure it out and get good at it, but I love learning about my ancestors, where I came from and their experiences.
   We have been seeing some really great things coming from working in Daleville. We met with Alvin again. He asked us all to bare our testimonies, which brought the spirit so strongly. By the end it kinda turned into a friendly bash but he wants us to come back. He is such a great guy, has a great faith! Chris came with us the entire day. We stayed busy and made sure to drink a  lot of water because it has been so humid!!
   As we were driving home from church, the Huffman family yelled out the window, "Come to our house, we got food for ya!" haha So we were pretty excited about! They always randomly give us food, which growing young men such as ourselves wont turn down! haha We have been working with the Vogel family for a while, they are members except for their daughter who is 11, almost 12. She is prepared and ready but waiting for different things. We sat down and talked to her and her mom about it and laid it out, asking if she still wanted to be baptized and she did so her and her mom picked a August 9th! Cant wait! Nylaejah is getting ready to be baptized in the next few weeks!
   We are seeing so many great things happen here in Roanoke and in the mission! The Lord is truly hastening His work! We have interviews with president Salisbury tomorrowIt always makes me so happy to see him and Sister Salisbury! Elder Millard and I are doing great! We are tearing it up here. Love Roanoke, Elder Millard, this mission and the Lord! Heavenly Father is so aware of us! He knows us, our hearts.
Love yall!
Elder Johnson

Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding the Elect!#NokeOrBust#MoJoRules

  We had a wonderful week! Can we all take a moment an acknowledge how awesome Elder Millard is? He's an amazing human and stellar missionary. We have been finding some awesome, people to teach! Some were people who went to and requested us to visit them  MLC was great! We had to wake up at 3:30am to meet the Buena Vista zone leaders in Lexington to car pool up to Charleston. It was a great meeting! I was touched at how much President and Sister Salisbury love the gospel, missionary work, and us as the missionaries in this mission! We are always reminded of our purpose as missionaries, which very much applies to us when we go back home, which is to help others to come unto Christ. This work helps me feel so close to my Savior. 
   Had an exchange with the elders in Rocky mount, Elders Yocom and Barnett. I trained elder Yocom and hes training Elder Barnett! Im a "grandpa" in our weird missionary lingo haha. We had a great time and were able to teach a powerful lesson with a recent convert. He said we could go on a ride along with him one of these PDays! Chris was with us all day when we exchanged back on Saturday. We went up to Daleville to start covering that new extension of our area. As we were there we knocked on some doors to see if we could find anybody, didn't have to much luck. it was a really hot, humid day, so we were dripping with sweat haha.
    As we were walking back to the car a younger man asked us what we were doing, so we told him that we were missionaries and he told us to come in! He told us that he was a missionary for the church that he goes to. He said that he has read the Book of Mormon, but not with the intention of learning about it, just as another book. We invited him to read it again but with a prayer and intention to know if it wad true. He was sincere and excited to read! Manny and Shayla are still working toward baptism! Working through some things but are doing really well!
   Yesterday we went to the baptism of Michael, who I interviewed for baptism last week. He asked me to speak about the Holy Ghost. I had only known him about an hour but I was honored to do it! 
       I Love being a missionary with all my heart and soul! I know this is where Im meant to be and I know that Heavenly Father is very aware of each of us. He hears all our prayers and is very eager to help us with anything. Love yall! please have a great week!
Elder Johnson

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Merica!

  We had a great 4th of July!  Apparently the BIG fireworks are illegal in some parts here because it could catch fire to the many trees... but that didn't stop the locals! haha We were able to see some really awesome fireworks! In the morning there was a pancake breakfast which was great! Brother Hall in our ward played the banjo with some other people, it was pretty epic. Elder Millard's parents had some pizza delivered for us, It was really good! So we pigged out on that and the Philly cheese steak sandwiches that came with it... 
   I don't think I mentioned the other week that George Dyer came to the church and sang for us! He is a REALLY talented singer! He has been all over the country!  he just so happened to come on June 26! He even sang happy birthday! it was pretty cool! 
   Well the teaching is going good. We found some new peeps to teach! We saw Chester a few days ago. As we sat down to start teaching, his friend Austin came and sat down and said he wanted to learn! So we were able to have a great lesson with them. Chester was helping him understand and teaching with us. It was pretty great! Chris has been coming out with us and helping us get around because we are going to get really tight on miles because we are now covering the Daleville area which is a lot of area to cover but we're excited! We have MLC tomorrow so we get to make our monthly trip to Charleston, I'm pretty excited! 
    Roanoke is still doing great! Pretty much the best area with the best companion! He had hurt his ankle but is now able to get around without the crutches! We are still rocking the man van and getting along so well. Its been raining a lot!  This morning it was coming down SOO hard, our street looked like a river! I love being a missionary! The power of prayer is amazing. I have been really working to have more of a conversation with Heavenly Father rather than a wish list. It has made my prayers so much more meaningful. I love that we are able to talk with the Creator of the universe! I love this Gospel! I love being able to bring to to people and see their lives change for the better because of it. Love ya! have a great week! 
Elder Johnson 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roanoke, sweet Roanoke

   Well, transfers have come around again, but way to fast!! I guess time flies when you're having fun. We sure have been having fun while working hard. still enjoying the mini van ;) haha Chris has been coming out with us and helping us teach. he is really good at connecting with people. We went to see a less active/ part member family the other day with him. they haven't been in a while and we got to know them and helped them know we care about them, miss them and want them back. They are such a great family and I love seeing them. We are teaching their son Ryan, hes a really sincere guy that just wants a better relationship with God. 
   We got roped in the ward choir and we sang a song last week. after the song this women gets up and starts clapping hahaha. i guess she isn't familiar with how we don't clap in Latter-day Saint services haha. We went on exchanges with the assistants and with the Elders in our zone serving in Salem. I was with elder Mcmullin, i served with him a year ago in Beaver! it was good to be with him again. Hes a really funny guy so we enjoyed our time. With the assistants, i was up in Charleston with Elder Markowski, hes such an amazing missionary! We had a great time learning and seeing how we could help the mission and the Roanoke zone.  its amazing all the good things that are happening here in the WVCM. President and Sister Salisbury are the finest mission president and wife! Even Elder Christofferson even said so ;) 
   Well Im staying here in Roanoke for the next transfer with Elder Millard! Im so excited to stay here with him! We get along really well and still are always laughing our heads off. im excited to be here as a missionary and love yall! Hope all goes well with you this week! Im glad i spent my 21st birthday on the mission with a great companion! 
Love Elder Johnson