Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Merica!

  We had a great 4th of July!  Apparently the BIG fireworks are illegal in some parts here because it could catch fire to the many trees... but that didn't stop the locals! haha We were able to see some really awesome fireworks! In the morning there was a pancake breakfast which was great! Brother Hall in our ward played the banjo with some other people, it was pretty epic. Elder Millard's parents had some pizza delivered for us, It was really good! So we pigged out on that and the Philly cheese steak sandwiches that came with it... 
   I don't think I mentioned the other week that George Dyer came to the church and sang for us! He is a REALLY talented singer! He has been all over the country!  he just so happened to come on June 26! He even sang happy birthday! it was pretty cool! 
   Well the teaching is going good. We found some new peeps to teach! We saw Chester a few days ago. As we sat down to start teaching, his friend Austin came and sat down and said he wanted to learn! So we were able to have a great lesson with them. Chester was helping him understand and teaching with us. It was pretty great! Chris has been coming out with us and helping us get around because we are going to get really tight on miles because we are now covering the Daleville area which is a lot of area to cover but we're excited! We have MLC tomorrow so we get to make our monthly trip to Charleston, I'm pretty excited! 
    Roanoke is still doing great! Pretty much the best area with the best companion! He had hurt his ankle but is now able to get around without the crutches! We are still rocking the man van and getting along so well. Its been raining a lot!  This morning it was coming down SOO hard, our street looked like a river! I love being a missionary! The power of prayer is amazing. I have been really working to have more of a conversation with Heavenly Father rather than a wish list. It has made my prayers so much more meaningful. I love that we are able to talk with the Creator of the universe! I love this Gospel! I love being able to bring to to people and see their lives change for the better because of it. Love ya! have a great week! 
Elder Johnson 

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