Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Less active missionaries?

So this week has been super crazy!! in a nutshell, our house had a foot of water under it, a mini lake in our kitchen and water dripping form our ceiling... so we got out of there! we've been living with the Elders in White Sulpur. its been a lot of fun! We've had good times meeting with their investigators and meeting new people. 
We had a really big snow storm and got a lot of snow and ice! im not used to that! glad i got some peepes from Utah that can and have drivin in snow haha. We got snowed in for a day! when it stopped snowing we shoveled out our neighbors and members, it was awesome! we had a big snowball fight with all our neighbors! and built a snow cave during lunch! i guess snow isent that bad ;) Sense there has been a lot of snow we haven't had church for the past 4 weeks! it feels like im a less active missionary haha. 
Im being transferred! im going up to Roanoke to be with Elder Lopez!! i was in the MTC with him! hes a stellar missionary! ill be serving as a zone leader! im excited to learn and serve others.  
SO epic news there is a member of the 12 that is coming to speak to our mission!! im pumped! ill let yall know how that goes! 
have a great week!! love yins! 

Elder Johnson 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do you wanna build a snow man?

well gotta say a huge congrats to the big bro Joseph! thats whats up! 

sorry for the lateness, we had and are going to continue to have storms that are shutting things down. its been fun tryin to learn how to drive in snow. we had a great week despite the weather though! We were helpin people shovel out their walk and driveways. some people were pleasantly surprised when we'd walk away, not wanting to get paid. 
had a lot of good lessons with investigators! found some people who are really bein prepared by the Lord. Bein a missionary is definitely the best thing in the world. We have the best mission president and wife ever!!! President and Sister Salisbury are meant to be here and are so inspired. sorry for this bein so short, really didnt have a lot of time, but love yall and have a great week!!   
Elder Johnson 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Applebee's and missionaries unite

Week started off great! I got a notice from the post office that i had a package!! so we rushed over and they told me it had been waiting there for me sense December 12... it was a box of sees that the Baugh family had sent me! It was still delicious! magic touch of Sees  
Went on an exchange with Elder Wheeler this week, hes a really fun Elder! We "notified" a family in our branch and we were trying to be sneaky but it didnt work haha. i tried to carry him on my back but i tripped in a pot hole haha. We at lunch with the White Sulphur Elders before our exchange and the CEO of Applebees came in and was inspecting the place. He came to our table and asked who we were and what we do. i guess he thought we were a company cuz he asked if we wanted to partner up and do some kinda deal with the company haha. 
We had a bonfire with Jodie and Logan and their friend Rosy the other night, with a lesson. It was a lot of fun! we made smores! reminded me of how my family would always go to the beach and do that. yesterday after sacrament meeting we were asked to teach the Gospel Principles class. We opened the book and started teaching. It was amazing how Elder Yocom and i were able to teach it with such unity. It felt like we had prepared to teach that lesson! Guess i got that skill from my dad  hes really good at that. 
So we dont have a temple in our mission, so we came up with something that is similar to being there. We went to the church on a week day when no one was there and we sat quietly in the chapel. its amazing the spirit you can feel. i tried to have the same reverence and mind set during church yesterday and it was awesome. it can be hard with screaming kids but its our time to become closer to the Savior. Love yins!!! 

Elder Johnson

Monday, February 2, 2015

Cupcakes or insurance?

another great week in the Covington area in the WVCM!! Got to meet with the Salisburys! President interviewed us, hes such an inspired man, full of the spirit. Sister Salisbury was showing us pictures of her son Jordan on his mission in the Philippines. 
Got to go on exchanges with the zone leaders. it was a lot of fun! we were able to contact a man named sherman. Hes a really tall, African American gent with one leg! but he doesn't let that stop him. He was really excited to learn about the footnotes, how he could use it with the Book of Mormon AND the bible! He wants us to come over for lunch and teach him and his friends about the plan of salvation! 
we've been having fun teaching people a lesson on faith. you open a tea bag, poor out the contents and balance the paper unfolded on the persons hand and set it on fire. itll burn until it close to your hand and get hot. if they dont move theyre hand then itll float up. kinda a fun way to teach about faith. if you try this then make sure a responsible adult is present hahaha! 
had a really great district meeting this weekend. its amazing how the spirit works and helps us know what to teach. there were 2 elders who came up to me after and said that what was talked about in the meeting is what they needed. amazing how the spirit works when your listening.  
love this work so much! yall are wonderful! 

Love Elder Johnson