Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do you wanna build a snow man?

well gotta say a huge congrats to the big bro Joseph! thats whats up! 

sorry for the lateness, we had and are going to continue to have storms that are shutting things down. its been fun tryin to learn how to drive in snow. we had a great week despite the weather though! We were helpin people shovel out their walk and driveways. some people were pleasantly surprised when we'd walk away, not wanting to get paid. 
had a lot of good lessons with investigators! found some people who are really bein prepared by the Lord. Bein a missionary is definitely the best thing in the world. We have the best mission president and wife ever!!! President and Sister Salisbury are meant to be here and are so inspired. sorry for this bein so short, really didnt have a lot of time, but love yall and have a great week!!   
Elder Johnson 

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