Monday, August 25, 2014

I've picked my jersey!

this week was awesome!!!! the coolest part is that 3 times during the week people came up to us and asked us if we could teach them!!! President Salisubury said if we're doing what we're supposed to then people will come to us! guess we're going ok then ;) haha. ill tell the story of one of them, Richard Green. We were at lunch as a district in taco bell on friday. We were getting ready to leave and this guy, looks really shy and asks me if we're mormons. he then said hes been looking for a church and was wondering if we could help! so we exchanges info and met with saturday! he agreed with all the points of the restoration and accepted baptism!! hes a really awesome guy and cant wait to watch him come closer to Christ and eternal life! 
Zone meeting this past week was very inspiring! it started at 9am and we got home at 530pm! one of my favorite parts was how president described how we do things as missionaries. if we are just doing an action or accomplishing something. He would walk in place for the action, then walk a few steps for the accomplishment. heres an example that has really helped me. when going to church, are we just attending. just doing the action of attending church? or are we going to church and participating, worshiping, and trying to get something out of what we hear even when we can tell someone hasent prepared? are we accomplishing anything? that was really helpful as i applied that to going to church and all aspects of missionary work. even as non full-time missionaries, we can apply this.
we had a cool ward party this weekend. really fun games and music. had some non members come! it was a great missionary opportunity. nothing like a good ol BBQ. 
 I saw (my trainer)  Elder prince at zone conference!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome to see him!! we were laughing and reminiscing of my greeny days haha. its really weird to think that ive been out 7 months. it has flown by soo fast. It motivates me to work hard cuz i know when i look back i dont want to have any regrets. no wishing i did this or didnt do that. 
check out   its a movie about mormons!! if it gets popluar enough theyll play it in theaters near you! What a wonderful tool we can use to share the gospel. The Lord is hastinging His work. We need to do it His way. I love being able to share the gospel in such an exciting time for missionary work! work with the local missionaries!!! Help them share the gospel. Dont be afraid to share it with friends. dont let them be denied eternal happiness. I love this work with all my heart. Its hard at times but i know this is the winning team. ive picked my jersey. Love yall. Hope all continues to be well! 
Love Elder Johnson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Day of Hope

this week was pretty good. we went to the day of hope in beckley. Its a huge event for poor people. We were put in the prayer tent. They have to go through it to get out haha. So we prayed with people for a while and invited them to learn and a lot of people said we could come over! we werent allowed to wear pros cuz they wanted all the churches to blend in so we all wore blue shirts.We went out to Wyoming county to help a member fix up this old house that had been broken into and the yard hadent been kept for at least 5 years. weeds were as tall, if not taller than me ahah. i used this cool 2 handle, metal weed waker. I got hit in the face and arm with poison ivy!! but somehow i wasent effected!! 
Kay went to church yesturday!!! she hasent been to church sense 2001!! it was a major blessing to have her there, She brough her mother who is less active and 2 of her granddaughters! We sat behind them and they seemed to really enjoy it.  
We taught Darrel and Jennifer the stop smoking workshop. It is a very intense thing to teach. Jennifer had some trouble but she went through with it. i noticed as we were teaching she looked at the ground and said a silent prayer for help so i said one to and she agreed to do the things we asked! spirit was strong! Darrel had a harder time but he agreed to "try"

Friday, August 15, 2014

Elder Johnsons profile. Its a great site check it out!

I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I got the best parents in the world, 3 older brothers and a little sister. My family means a lot to me and id do anything for them. I love being outside, being active. I love going to the beach, camping, playing sports, anything where I can be with friends and do something other than sit. I was in marching band, I'm an Eagle Scout and now am serving as a full time missionary in the West Virginia, Charleston mission. Being a missionary is the best decision Ive ever made. It has blessed not only my life but also my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. I loved going to primary, singing the songs and having a blast. I always had a desire to serve a mission because it seemed like such an adventure. Everyone I knew that went on a mission said how much fun it was and how much they matured and came closer to Christ. As I got closer to the age to serve, I made the necessary preparations to serve. Being on a mission has been the most rewarding experience. I feel like Im growing close to my Savior everyday. More important than that is seeing the change in the people I meet. Seeing the Spirit touch their hearts and them changing their lives for the better is a powerful experience. This gospel blesses lives. Im a Mormon because its Christs church restored back to the earth, and I know that is true.

How I live my faith

Being raised in the church has given me a solid foundation and standards that not all people have while growing up. The world is becoming a scarier place everyday with the adversary attacking us everyday. Having that Christ centered foundation helped me resist temptation and stand up for my beliefs. I love being with my friends. I saw through examples in my life that the friends we choose have a big affect on the things we do and the decisions we make. I decided young that I was going to obey the commandments that Heavenly Father gave us. I try to be an example for good to the people I have in my life. Serving a mission is a way I have been able to strengthen my own faith and to help others strengthen theirs.Jared Johnson: Beach, Marching Band, Missonary, Family, West Virginia, California, Mormon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I love being a missionary sooo much !

What a crazy week! its been raining a lot this week. In fact its raining still right now, the trees are blowing wild in the wind! Last p day we went to play mini golf! that was fun, almost got a hole in 1 once! Reba and Riley baught us dinner tuesday. They saw us and gave us $20 and said "dont but non of that there kid meal crap. get ya a big meal" hahaha theyre so funny. theyre friend Fred baught us some breakfast the next day after helping him move a pourch! We met with Sister Cline yesturday! shes the sweetest old lady. Her grandson got shot and killed last week. We taught her the plan of salvation and she said it brought her a lot of comfort. We met with Richard and Mary ann! they fed us and had a lot of great questions!!!! theyr just dry mormons ;) We met a lady named Chesney. We knocked on the door and she let us in and told us that she had just prayed for help and then we knocked on her door! super aweosom!! i love being answers to prayers like that. We meetWednesday and she said shes bringing her friend haha. I love being a missionary sooo much. It has blessed my live so much. Ive come to know my Savior so much better! 
Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson

Monday, August 4, 2014

A tornado, a hurricane, and an overturned van, But, we still taught some great people!

This week was a wild one! We set two of our investigators on date!!!!! darrel and jennifer! daddy daughter! We taught the plan of salvation and they really liked that one cuz they lost their mother and one of the brothers. Then we watched prophet of the restoration. The spirit was very strong and after they kept saying that they loved it and jennifer stopped and said. she felt good. So i asked her to be baptized and she said yes and so did darrel! They are excited to be baptized together! 
    We have been getting fed a lot more now! These sisters in relief society were at lunch together last week and were talking about us and figured out that we werent getting fed so they diviyed it up and each picked a day in the week that theyed feed us annually hahah. We went to the Hellers last night and they gave us some deer meat to take home! pretty awesome! We went to brother snuffers house and he always wants to play pool with the missionaries so we played for  little. i won 3 times :) We were at the youngs house and we had dinner and as we were about to leave a typhoon came and it came down so hard that sister young wouldnt let us leave till it passed. So we stayed and watched mormon messages haha. Sister mcgrady called us this morning and toild us to come over for dinner wednesday for duinner cuz shes "worried about us " haha. shes so awesome.  
    Wednesday night we were walking home and we hear screaming and loud sounds, a puase then louder screams and a loud crash sound. So we ran over and saw that a van had flipped over and hit a tree!! we were gunna help but they jumped out and some lady told us we needed to go. Probably wasent safe anyways cuz we were in down town beckley and its a lot like LA... There was a tornado the other day! it touched down in Huntington and heade our way but it barley missed it. The huge dark scray cloud went over though. 
     After emailing we have to take our car in cuz it has a recall.. if it has the defect then we get a rental car! im excited! 
Hope all is well in the OC! i sure miss everyone and appreciate the prayers and support. They can be felt when things get rough. Love yall!!

Elder Johnson