Monday, August 11, 2014

I love being a missionary sooo much !

What a crazy week! its been raining a lot this week. In fact its raining still right now, the trees are blowing wild in the wind! Last p day we went to play mini golf! that was fun, almost got a hole in 1 once! Reba and Riley baught us dinner tuesday. They saw us and gave us $20 and said "dont but non of that there kid meal crap. get ya a big meal" hahaha theyre so funny. theyre friend Fred baught us some breakfast the next day after helping him move a pourch! We met with Sister Cline yesturday! shes the sweetest old lady. Her grandson got shot and killed last week. We taught her the plan of salvation and she said it brought her a lot of comfort. We met with Richard and Mary ann! they fed us and had a lot of great questions!!!! theyr just dry mormons ;) We met a lady named Chesney. We knocked on the door and she let us in and told us that she had just prayed for help and then we knocked on her door! super aweosom!! i love being answers to prayers like that. We meetWednesday and she said shes bringing her friend haha. I love being a missionary sooo much. It has blessed my live so much. Ive come to know my Savior so much better! 
Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson

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