Monday, August 18, 2014

Day of Hope

this week was pretty good. we went to the day of hope in beckley. Its a huge event for poor people. We were put in the prayer tent. They have to go through it to get out haha. So we prayed with people for a while and invited them to learn and a lot of people said we could come over! we werent allowed to wear pros cuz they wanted all the churches to blend in so we all wore blue shirts.We went out to Wyoming county to help a member fix up this old house that had been broken into and the yard hadent been kept for at least 5 years. weeds were as tall, if not taller than me ahah. i used this cool 2 handle, metal weed waker. I got hit in the face and arm with poison ivy!! but somehow i wasent effected!! 
Kay went to church yesturday!!! she hasent been to church sense 2001!! it was a major blessing to have her there, She brough her mother who is less active and 2 of her granddaughters! We sat behind them and they seemed to really enjoy it.  
We taught Darrel and Jennifer the stop smoking workshop. It is a very intense thing to teach. Jennifer had some trouble but she went through with it. i noticed as we were teaching she looked at the ground and said a silent prayer for help so i said one to and she agreed to do the things we asked! spirit was strong! Darrel had a harder time but he agreed to "try"

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