Monday, October 26, 2015

Baptism Weekend !

There were a lot of interviews this week! We were able to meet with President Salisbury this week for interviews! I soak in every second of being with him and Sister Salisbury because they are always on the go. During my interview He asked me when I go home, I told him January and he slammed his fist on the chair next to him and said "Im really going to miss you". #TenderMoment  
I got to interview Issac and Jennifer, a mother and son that Elders Boer and Kamauu have been teaching. They are getting baptized.
    JUDY AND JESSIE ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for them!! They have become such close friends. They are really excited! I know this is going to be just the beginning of a wonderful journey. They plan on going to the temple the next weekend with names from their family!!! The gospel is so true! 
   The Turner family is so much fun! We have dinner with them every Sunday. Their kids always got us laughing. We spent some time with Ben and Sariah (Waldron). They are seriously the funniest people ever! I LOVE spending time with them. The members here are great, especially them! haha The Pauley family had us over to! They are wonderful. She grew and canned her own apples and gave me some homemade apple sauce, apple jam and best of all apple pie filling! Soo good! 
   So my dear sister sang a duet in church yesterday and so did I! So it was kinda special to know that :) I also gave a talk. They asked me to give a talk on Hymn "Now Let Us Rejoice". It was fun, I get nervous at the begging of giving a talk but then i get into it and I love sharing my testimony. 
   Last Tuesday we were so jam packed busy! We were literally running from appointment to appointment! It was a lot of fun! We have been trying to stay as busy as we can. I say it all the time and im sure yall are tired of it, but Im not! I lve being a missionary!! Its the best thing Ive ever done! If you have the chance to serve, in any capacity do it! 
Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson

Monday, October 19, 2015

Grandma Cookie

 There were a lot of things this week where I was able to learn a lot and feel good about what was accomplished. One thing I was particularly proud of was how I was able to make myself fried rice!! Sister Turner in the Ward taught me and showed me how simple it was! I was so excited that I could make something other than something on a BBQ and was edible! haha. My mom wasn't lying when she sent me recipes to make stuff and said how its simple! We also had some really great lessons. Jessie and Judy are doing so great! They are planning to get baptized on the 31st! They have become such good friends and I love them both so much because of the Gospel. I'm so excited for them to make the covenant of baptism and soon after go to the temple! 
    We have been having a blast every time we go to see the Haddix family. They are so much fun to see and they enjoy us coming over to! Their grandma always is happy to see us and has us come in! The little 8 year old reminds me of my brother Clark so much! He looks just like him at that age and acts a little like him to. haha We also have a great time going to see the Turners every Sunday evening for dinner! They have such an awesome family and the kids are just so much fun! We always joke that we get dinner and entertainment because they kids are energetic and are fun! The Sabbath is always a delight. 
   John riddle is awesome. We have been teaching him sense we got here and he had a friend over Saturday. He invited him to learn then told him he would pick him up for church the next day and he did! It was so cool to see him be happy to share the gospel with Shawn (his friend). After church he was like "Im glad I came today". It was great!  
   Went on exchanges, I got to be with Elder Kamauu! We had soo much fun! We have served around each other before. There's this hole in the wall restaurant  that's good called "Grandma Cookies". (Paul LeBaron would be proud;) ) We met her on exchanges!! Shes super nice and they are making a shake called the Razlet because we kept ordering a chocolate raspberry shake haha. 
    Final story, at church this lady was staring at me and Elder Harris. She finally came up to us and turned to me and said, "I'm sorry to stare. I just think your so handsome!" haha of course I was taken back! haha "Well thank you" was all I could get out haha She said I look like this guy in the movies she watches haha 
  Well hope yall have a great week! Love yins! 
Elder Johnson

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fire pit for days

There are so many highlights from this week I don't even know where to start! We started off the week with a really powerful lesson with James. We didn't have an appointment with him. I thought about him that morning and felt that we should go see him. So we went and he was having a really hard time and was really glad to see us. We told him that we felt prompted to see him and he started to cry and said I know and feel that you were sent from God to see me today. It was amazing. We had the same kinda thing with Jessie. We felt strongly that we needed to see her so we tried going to her home and she wasn't their so we knew we needed to find her and we did! We had a great lesson with her and I felt so glad that we were in tune with the spirit. 
    We have been working with the Haddix family, they are so awesome! We have had to take a little different approach because they are between 8-17 and their dad. Its a lot of fun being there because they really like us coming over to teach and want to learn. We explained priesthood authority and how you have to be worthy and prepared and one of them was compared it to Thor and his hammer, pretty cool! haha
   Our neighbors Suzie and Mike are way to good to us! My suit pants not only did I rip them, but shredded them! Not sure how she did it but Suzie came in clutch and was able to fix them, as if it never happened! They had us over for dinner Friday and it was soo good! Shes a chief, so she made filet mignon with potatoes and really good home made bread! oh man, she made this really good cake! Dessert is my favorite part of a meal haha. They put on music during dinner that you would hear at Olive Garden or some fancy Italian restaurant and lite candles, and they even made a toast to us, the whole nine yards! It was a lot of fun! They are great people. 
   Yesterday, we were asked to go into primary and sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth". In the chorus we said "and we are now the Lords missionaries.." It always makes me tear up when I sing it that way because Ive prepared my whole life to be a missionary and here I am doing it!! Its such a blessing, best decision Ive ever made. 
    Great week! Hope yall are doing great! We're working hard in Clarksburg! Your prayers are felt and help a lot. Love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Knew Elder Renlund before he was an Apostle ;)

What a Spiritual feast conference was! I loved all the talks and learning so much. How historic to have 3 new apostles called! Elder Renlund came to our mission a year ago and sheared, with his wife, powerful messages! It was exciting to hear that hes able to serve the Lord in a greater capacity.  
   We had a great week! Elder Harris and I have been started off great being in the Gladwell/ Waldrons home for dinner! They are such a fun family, love them a lot! We also went to the Sterretts, they are a lot of fun! We have awesome members here! We had a chili cook off before the priesthood session of conference, it was an epic battle haha, it was almost as intense as church ball! 
   Went on exchanges, I got to go to Ohio again! It was awesome, and such a beautiful place! I was able to drive a truck! It was a lot of fun! We had some cows crossing at one point, not typically a problem you have when I'm from haha. 
    We have been working with and seeing a less active member, brother Tenke. Hes from California. Hes a fun person and has been showing interest in coming back to church! Jessie has been doing so well! She is planning to go with the Relief Society to the temple this weekend! She cant go in but she want to just be near it and see the beauty of it. I wish we could go with her. We have been seeing success here in Clarksburg. We aren't called because who we are but who we can become and to serve the Lord. I Love my mission. I love the people Im serving. I love the Lord and who Hes helping me to become. Theres no other work on earth like this! 
   Thank yall for what you do, weather it be prayers or letters. Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson