Monday, October 26, 2015

Baptism Weekend !

There were a lot of interviews this week! We were able to meet with President Salisbury this week for interviews! I soak in every second of being with him and Sister Salisbury because they are always on the go. During my interview He asked me when I go home, I told him January and he slammed his fist on the chair next to him and said "Im really going to miss you". #TenderMoment  
I got to interview Issac and Jennifer, a mother and son that Elders Boer and Kamauu have been teaching. They are getting baptized.
    JUDY AND JESSIE ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for them!! They have become such close friends. They are really excited! I know this is going to be just the beginning of a wonderful journey. They plan on going to the temple the next weekend with names from their family!!! The gospel is so true! 
   The Turner family is so much fun! We have dinner with them every Sunday. Their kids always got us laughing. We spent some time with Ben and Sariah (Waldron). They are seriously the funniest people ever! I LOVE spending time with them. The members here are great, especially them! haha The Pauley family had us over to! They are wonderful. She grew and canned her own apples and gave me some homemade apple sauce, apple jam and best of all apple pie filling! Soo good! 
   So my dear sister sang a duet in church yesterday and so did I! So it was kinda special to know that :) I also gave a talk. They asked me to give a talk on Hymn "Now Let Us Rejoice". It was fun, I get nervous at the begging of giving a talk but then i get into it and I love sharing my testimony. 
   Last Tuesday we were so jam packed busy! We were literally running from appointment to appointment! It was a lot of fun! We have been trying to stay as busy as we can. I say it all the time and im sure yall are tired of it, but Im not! I lve being a missionary!! Its the best thing Ive ever done! If you have the chance to serve, in any capacity do it! 
Love yall!! 
Elder Johnson

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