Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Chicken or beef?"

 I have been walking on cloud 9 this week! We had so much going on and a lot of AMAZING experiences! HUGE highlight of the week was this weekend when Jessie and Judy got baptized! I cant explain how happy it makes me happy that they entered into that covenant! They both had great spiritual experiences both at the baptism and with confirmation. They are preparing to go to the temple this weekend to do temple work for their family! 
   A member took us out to eat and as always, when a missionary walks into anywhere everyone notices us haha. I overheard the people in the booth behind us talking about baptism and confirmation.  I felt that I had to get up and talk to them, no  matter how awkward it might be. They said they saw us and decided to look up and see if someone could be a convert in the LDS church and as they were looking it up is when I talked to them. He asked for a Book of Mormon and to meet with the missionaries! Shows how prepared people are! 
   Speaking of prepared, we had an appointment with a guy were teaching, he wasn't home but his roomate said he wanted to talk to us. It turned out that he had a Book of Mormon and said he'd read it and prayed about it and feels that its true! Hes been to church before and loves it, He said he wants to get baptized but wants to make sure he knows for sure its true! Elder Harris and my jaw was on the floor! It was like every missionaries dream to talk to someone like that! 
   For our wards trunk or treat, we handed out Ramen and when the kids would say trick or treat we would say "Chicken or beef!?" hahaha! It was our fun way to hand something out that was cheap. Last night, our neighbors had us an the other elders over for dinner! They are so good to us! We always have a good time when we got see them. 
    Such a great week, full of great memories. I love this work, it brings a happiness that cannot be explained! love yall! 
Elder Johnson

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