Monday, November 30, 2015

First time for Everything.....

The Grinch says his heart grew 3 sizes during Christmas, my stomach grew 3 sizes this past week with thanksgiving! We were blessed to have a meal with members for all three meals of the day. It even hurt to breath or walk because we ate so much haha. Thanksgiving morning we had a turkey bowl for the ward, there were some other people that joined us to! Not to boast as to my own strength, but I may have gotten our team a touch down or two ;) hahaha But we had fun! 
   I cant believe that thanksgiving has already come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner! I'm so pumped to be able to represent Him who its all about! There really is a feel in the air, people seem to be  more open. Its such an exciting time to be a missionary and have your life be centered around the real reason for why we have Christmas. We have been have been having fun working with the Haddix family, we always have fun when we see them. They were cutting up their deer when went to see them last night, said they would make us some deer burgers! 
   Well  for the first time on my mission I was chased by a huge pit-bull! Its house is on our street so we saw it before we left the house, but we thought we could sneak past it. Its usually chained up but that day it walking free. we were so close to getting down the hill but he heard us coming; I don't think Ive run as fast in my life as when I saw that dog charged us.haha we went out with a cooking knife and with the help of our neighbor, we escaped the anger of the beast. 
    Wish I could share all that we experience. Have a great week!! love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

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