Monday, December 7, 2015

Cake Scandal

 A lot happened this week, not only here. My prayers have been with the people victim to the tragedies in California. We didn't have anything like that happen, thank goodness. We have been able to have good successes this week! We helped a family in the ward to trim a tree, there was this huge branch he cut and it swung down to the ground and barley missed hitting the neighbors house haha it was awesome. We were far, and safe! 
    We were able to meet with a inactive family. They have 2 kids over the age of 8 and the mom said "We need to get back to church and get them baptized." Its always exciting to hear! Im excited to see how that will play out. Also Had a great meeting with another inactive and her boyfriend. They are really awesome people! He seems receptive and willing to come to church! 
  There was a really cool event in Bridgeport called Light up night. There were thousands of people there! Sister Lopp and Nelson did all the hard work, they just asked us to be there to help pass out the #ASaviorIsBorn cards with candy canes on them! They had the video playing on Ipads, LOTS of people came and watched it! President and Sister Salisbury ended up showing up!! It was awesome to see them there! 
    So they had some half eatin cake in the cultural hall at the church before the sisters baptism that someone had left from a baby shower earlier that day... Well Elder Harris and I didn't want it to go to waste so we took a fork and took a bite into it. as we were munching we heard someone coming in so we tried to awkwardly scamper away to avoid embarrassment. We were comforted when we saw that it was the other Elders coming in to do the same thing we were hahaha.
   The stake had a Christmas music fireside last night before the first presidency devotional. Music has so much power to it! I love music so much, it was really nice to be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit through music. Hope yall are enjoying your Christmas season, I know we sure are! Love you!! 
Elder Johnson

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