Monday, December 21, 2015


   Well of course CHRISTmas is this week, and its especially exciting for many reasons, one being that I am privileged to represent Him who the season is all about, Jesus Christ. Being a missionary during Christmas time is so special. There's no worry about presents, how cool my ugly sweater will look or what party I should go to. I get to focus and spend ALL my time and attention to doing the work the Savior did when He was here, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. It is sad that I don't get to be with my family, but that's the other reason Its so exciting, that I get to Skype my family!! I know I will be with them eventually and that 2 years isn't really that long but my family means a lot to me so I'm really pumped!! 
    President Salisbury told us that when we press forward in the cold with a positive attitude our light will shine brighter. I took it to heart. It can be unwelcoming to go out when its cold but we don't let that stop us! Granted, its been the warmest winter recorded in West Virgina with it being in the 60-70s, almost like being in Huntington Beach haha. BUT it snowed the other day! It was coming down a lot at least in my Californian opinion ;) We had 3 people stop US and recognized that we were missionaries and asked us to come and teach them. #ChristmasMiracle 
    We were talking to this young kid during dinner and he asked " are yall Santa's little helpers?" We and his parents laughed and we told him "no, we are the missionaries". Then he smiled really big and said " Oh! so your Jesus's little helpers!". haha! I hope yall have a wonderful CHRISTmas! 
Love Elder Johnson  


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