Wednesday, December 16, 2015


  Christmas is right around the corner! I'm really excited to be able to see my beautiful family! They bring me such joy, more than anything the world could offer. We have been having a GREAT past few weeks! We have been staying busy and teaching a lot! Transfers are tomorrow, Ill be staying here another Transfer. My new companion is Elder M. Rasmussen, I think I've met him but not sure! I know We'll have fun!! :) Elder Harris is going to Buena Vista YSA! I'm excited for him! I served around there in the beginning of my mission! 
   We have been seeing so much good going on in Clarksburg! The Cervantes family is doing well! The kids are really excited to get baptized and the dad wants to meet with us! I am really pumped to see how it all plays out. Judy came with us to a lesson, her first time, It was so awesome! She bore powerful testimony about how the gospel has blessed her life, and she connected with Anita (who we taught) really well and made friends with her. Her and Jessie are great missionaries. We went to lunch with them and the other elders yesterday as a good bye to Elder Harris.
    We had a fun time bowling last week! I surprised myself and got 2nd place.out of 4! It was close! Mike and Susie our neighbors took us out to eat at this really nice Italian restaurant! Mike said the steak was really good and said i could get it if i wanted.. so I did! It was really good! They are such good people, great neighbors! :)
    So once or twice a week we go to subway and get a cookie just for a nice quick snack. Well this last time we went in the guy at the counter just started grabbing my favorite cookie and rang me up hahaha!  That's how you know if your a #Regular. We have been having such a great time here in Clarksburg! I love this place, not  just because its got the same name as one of my brothers :) Merry Christmas! Love yall!!!
Elder Johnson 

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