Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!!

    Christmas has come and gone and now new years is upon us! As I look back on this year, I think of the man I have become and am so grateful that I spent the year as a full time representative of Jesus Christ. Being a missionary is the  best thing I could have done in my life. Ive been blessed by the people around me so much and those that aren't here with me but in my heart. I got to talk to those very close to my heart this weekend for Christmas! It was soo great to see and talk to my family! Everyone looks different, except my parents haha. Clark has a beard, Joseph and Rachael are off and married, Cadence is growing up fast and getting more beautiful each day, and good old Grant has a "man bun" hahaha! 
    We had a great experience with a family we've been working with. The mom has been in and out of the lessons, nice to us but not involved with the lessons. This last time she came in and talked to us more than she ever has! She started to ask so many questions that you can tell came from the heart, a lot of them answered by the message of the restoration. It was amazing to see her open up so much and share her feelings and past experiences that have been hard, in hopes that we could help her. I have grown to really love that family and everyone here in Clarksburg. I meet someone on the street and try to picture how the gospel could help them, what a great difference it can make and seeing them as a brother or sister. I have been so anxious to help people find the truth and help them see the peace the gospel brings. 
    Missionary work is such a rewarding work. You feel great doing it and it blesses the life of those being served and blessed by the gospel. I learn something new each day and the Spirit guides me on how I can improve each day. This past sacrament meeting was really wonderful for me because I felt the power of the Atonement work in my life. As a missionary, sometimes you feel like because you aren't perfect, that you must be doing something wrong. I learn so much during the sacrament when it quiet and I can reflect on my week and learn from what the spirit teaches, also from the speaker. 
    Hope yall have a great new years! Eat a bunch of junk food and drink a lot of sparkling cider for me!! Love yall! 
Elder Johnson

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