Monday, January 4, 2016

"The cats outta the bag!"

 What a week! first of all, the weather cant seem to decide weather to be warm or snow! It has been snowing off and on today! It has been a warm winter, so I'm thankful for that. This week there was this family in the ward that needed help with the addition on their house, so we helped put the trestles up. It was a lot of fun, never done work like that before. There was also a baptism in the ward. It was a young man that Elder Harris and I invited to learn when we first got to Clarksburg. He asked me to confirm him. It was the first time I've done it, it was an incredible experience! 
    We were able to meet with the Haddix grandmother, who has met with us a few times before and asked questions. We always would invite her to join us when we go see them but she is really hard of hearing so she politely declined. This last time when we came she decided to sit right in front of us so she could hear. She said she has questions and wants to read the Book of Mormon! She told us of some spiritual experiences that she had, and described feeling the Spirit just as you would hear in sacrament meeting. We explained that its the spirit she was feeling! It was so awesome! We have been having great lessons with the Pauley family. They have a less active and her non member daughter living with them, and the past two lessons have been so powerful, she accepted a baptism invitation! Her and her mom are well welcomed at church. Its always great going to see them and the Pauly family. 
   In sacrament meeting yesterday, Jerri and I were giving each other the eye to go up and share our testimony, so I did. Then she got up after me and decided to tell the whole congregation that I was going home at the end of the month! 😡I just never told people about it, I just don't see the point, Ill say bye when the time comes! everyone started asking me when I'm going home. In gospel principles class the teacher and I are tight, shes like "SO! the cat is outta the bag, Elder Johnson." My response, "Is there any way to get the cat back in the bag?!" haha! Everyone had a good laugh. I don't mind talking about coming home, just got to much to do and to many people to see to worry about that! 
    Well I hope yall have a great week! Sure love ya! have a wonderful week!
Elder Johnson

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