Monday, January 18, 2016

Snowed this week

   What a week this past week was! We have been teaching a lot and have been helping Chelsea prepare for baptism! She is going to get baptized this Saturday! I am so excited for her to make this covenant and come closer to Christ. She is a great example to those around her! Last Monday Judy took us out to eat Chinese. Elder Rasmussen was feeling bold so he ordered some squid... i dared Judy to eat a bite, and she said " Ill take a bite if you do! " So Elder Rasmussen recorded us eating it haha. It wasn't as bad as I thought but I wouldn't order it. So Elder Boer and I went on exchanges and had a blast! after we did our planning for the night, we went to the church (you can see it from the apartment) and went sledding down the big hill by the church, it was such a blast! I haven't been sledding sense I was really little with my cousins. 
    We were walking to the Haddix home for a lesson, a family we've been teaching. As we were approaching, Charlie got off his bus and started running to us with the biggest smile on his face. Hes 9 years old. He was so excited to see us and asked us if we were coming over to see him and his family. Even if we weren't, I wouldn't be able to say no to the little guy. They are such a great family. This week we are seeing a former investigator that Elder Harris and I found when we first got here, James has been wanting to meet with us but has been going through a lot. We have been sending texts and leaving notes on his door. We never said anything to pressure him to meet with us, just something like "We hope your doing well, you have been in our prayers." He never really ever texted or called us back. After church he called and He told me how much it has meant to him that we stayed in contact with him and that he wants to meet with us this week.
   President and Sister Salisbury will be at our district meeting this week, What a treat! We also have a World Wide devotional with all the missionaries around the world!! I'm really excited for that! It has been snowing the past few days -_-. I normally wouldn't mind it, but we walk in it and it makes my nose really cold and people probably think I have issues because the snow flakes hit me in the eye and I twitch haha. Theres no other thing in this world that could bring more happiness that this gospel. I love yall so much! Have a great week! Talk to you next week! 
Elder Johnson

I made an omlette!

One of the first snow balls I ever made.

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