Wednesday, January 27, 2016


   Thank you for all your prayers and support, especially those who have been looking out for my mother and sister. I thought a lot, prayed, and read scriptures to know if I should go home to be there for my mom and Cadence. I thought what would my dad want me to do and anyone who knew him knows how selfless he was. I know he would want me to finish my mission strong. I also know he would want me to make sure my mom was taken care of. My brothers, and Rachel have been extremely supportive of her and cadence and helping her. I know that I'm meant to be a missionary and to help others. The testimony Ive gained of the Atonement is so powerful, and I have been able to share that with others, and they feel it. There have been so many miracles that have happened this past week. I will share them with you as we talk when I'm home. 
   I was thinking of all the stories I could share but I just feel like I should just share my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior, that He suffered for us so He can succor us in our time of need. Families can be forever through temple, and oh how grateful I am for my eternal family. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Its words ring true in my heart.The Atonement's power is real. Christ is very aware of us and our needs. Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us knows what is best and what we need, when we need it.  I know my dad is still supporting me. helping me and influencing me (2 Nephi 32:3). I love yall and cant wait to see you in a few days. 
Love Elder Johnson

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