Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Clark!

 What a joy this week was!  We have a lot of return appointments this week and will keep busy! We put Chelsea on date to be baptized on January 23rd!  She is excited and starting to recognize the spirit! It was a wonderful Sabbath yesterday! The Cervantes family came!  A lot people came up to her and were very excited to see her! They were going to leave after sacrament but the primary president came and got the kids and took them and her visit teachers got to know her better!  If we orchestrate their experience for church, they will have a good experience. We texted her after church and said we were glad their family was there and she responded, " It felt good to be there."
    We found a new investigator this week and he was so prepared! It was amazing what I learned about being consecrated. After our amazing zone meeting, we were invited to go to lunch with the other missionaries. I really wanted to go because I enjoy being around my mission buddies. I then remembered we had an appointment with a referral that we have been trying to meet with for a week. It was tempting to push back the appointment or meet the next day. It was obvious that we needed to go but I felt a little like Lots wife, doing what I should but looking back at what I could be doing. I prayed and my heart was changed, I was really excited to meet with this person. It ended up being such a powerful lesson, Elder Rasmussen taught with such unity and he accepted a baptism invite! I leaned a great lesson.
Well my brother Clark is having a birthday tomorrow! So be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday :) 

Our neighbor Mike and Susie had us for dinner a few times this week and she makes such good food, she used to do professionally! They had some visitors over, when we walked in they were like "wow! look at these two hot men that just walked in!". Hahaha 
   Ive been learning so much and grow closer to Heavenly Father Each day! At the end of zone meeting they asked Sister Lopp and I to share our testimonies; they didn't tell us before hand. It was powerful for me to be able  to share my testimony straight from the heart, which is sometimes better than a lot of preparing something to say. The genius of a mission is to take an young man and women and at the most selfish time of their life and tell them to spend every waking moment thinking about and planning for other people. I love it. This gospel is true and there is no other earthy thing that can duplicate the peace and joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful Christ centered week! 
   Elder Johnson

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