Monday, November 30, 2015

First time for Everything.....

The Grinch says his heart grew 3 sizes during Christmas, my stomach grew 3 sizes this past week with thanksgiving! We were blessed to have a meal with members for all three meals of the day. It even hurt to breath or walk because we ate so much haha. Thanksgiving morning we had a turkey bowl for the ward, there were some other people that joined us to! Not to boast as to my own strength, but I may have gotten our team a touch down or two ;) hahaha But we had fun! 
   I cant believe that thanksgiving has already come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner! I'm so pumped to be able to represent Him who its all about! There really is a feel in the air, people seem to be  more open. Its such an exciting time to be a missionary and have your life be centered around the real reason for why we have Christmas. We have been have been having fun working with the Haddix family, we always have fun when we see them. They were cutting up their deer when went to see them last night, said they would make us some deer burgers! 
   Well  for the first time on my mission I was chased by a huge pit-bull! Its house is on our street so we saw it before we left the house, but we thought we could sneak past it. Its usually chained up but that day it walking free. we were so close to getting down the hill but he heard us coming; I don't think Ive run as fast in my life as when I saw that dog charged us.haha we went out with a cooking knife and with the help of our neighbor, we escaped the anger of the beast. 
    Wish I could share all that we experience. Have a great week!! love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

Monday, November 23, 2015

HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg

 Pretty great week. They city is putting up the Christmas decor already! Cant believe its already that time of year!! It seems like it was just here, but at the same time not, if that makes sense haha. Weeks feel like one day, its so crazy how time is flying. It has been getting cold to; 30 outside when we got to the church to email!! Yesterday there was a really small flurry during church. 
     Jessie and Judy had the best family history experience they could've had this past week! Judy was able to add names and connect some dots! As they were looking for temple work to do, they noticed someone has been working on their names! Shocked, they were talking and seeing who it could be. We noticed the name and Jessie recognized her name. She looked her up on Facebook and messaged her. Jessie texted us that night saying that it was her cousin and was baptized 6 years ago!! Jessie and Judy had tears of joy as they found family past and present! The cousin thanked us for helping giving her an "eternal cousin". This is missionary work, and I am SO happy to be a part of it with them! What a special moment that was.
      We are all set up this week for our Thanksgiving this week! The members take great care of us here! Elder Harris and I have an adventure or story from each day because something makes us laugh each day. We have been having fun. I love my mission and being a missionary so much! I know yall are probably tired of hearing me say that but Its become a part of who I am. Ive grown and
   learned so much that  cant even explain. The gospel is so true, Christ is SO aware of each of us and Heavenly Father wants so desperately to help us to return back to him. Love yall, have a suoer happy Thanksgiving!! 
Elder Johnson 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Officially Burly Man!

   What a busy week! On Friday everyone and their cat wanted us to either go see them or needed out help. I felt bad because I wish we could've seen and helped everyone we wanted to but we just didn't have enough time in the day. We went to the veterans day parade that they had in town. There were a lot of people who talked to us, One of them was one of the dignitary's from the state, he shook our hands and was really glad that we were there. He said his cousin is an RM and has been talking to him about the church a lot, pretty cool! 
   Jessie came with us to a lesson for her first time!! It was a lot of fun to have her come with us to teach! It was awesome because she taught very well and bore very powerful, simple testimony. It made me tear up a little to hear her bare her testimony because it was right from the heart. 
    We had an elders quorum activity called the "Burly Man" haha. We cut up a lot of wood for people who need it to warm their homes for the winter. We got 3 trucks and 2 trailers full of wood; there were 25 guys. We had a lot of fun and got er done in no time. After they did some shooting which we weren't allowed, but it was fun watching! Some of the guns were really loud! 
    My favorite part of the week was when we went up to Charleston for a meeting with Elder Kopischke and his dear wife came to speak to us. They taught us so much, I wish I could tell you everything. Somethings I really liked from him was that he said how Church can be full of personal revelation, but your going to receive what your ready to. So we have to prepare! Going with a question in mind. Its wonderful what we can learn from the spirit and those who have prepared. He also very powerfully taught, and backed up with scriptures about how we chose our challenges and knew what we were getting into coming here to earth. The way he put it "you really think God would put us here not knowing what was going to happen and get blindsided by the challenges in life? What kind of Loving God would do that?" Powerful stuff!
   Sister Kopischke is such a bubbly, funny German lady. She was just so happy and excited about the gospel. She bore powerful testimony to the newer missionaries (but said it applied to everyone, even when we go home) of how when we do something new to have fun with it and not get frustrated. And also writing down the spiritual experiences we have so we can look back on them. So great! 
    Well hope yall have a great week! Love you!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Aloha Elder Kamauu

Well its been only a few days sense last email but we have had a lot going on. They had the primary program for our ward this past Sunday. It was such a flash back in so many ways. there was these 2 young men that were messing around and being funny during the whole thing and it reminded me of me and my buddy Jason (who recently returned from his mission). haha It made me smile.
   We have been working with John to quit some addictions which are holding him back from baptism, but he's getting close! He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while but is starting to really progress, Elder Harris and I have been able to connect well with him.
    This past Thursday we had to say Aloha to Elder Kamauu who just returned back home to Hawaii! It was hard to see him go. As he was walking out of the door of the apartment we all saluted him and sang taps haha.
    It has been cooling off here! They said we were supposed to have snow on Sunday but thank goodness we didn't! I like looking at snow but not how cold it is, but it does make it fun. The leaves have been so  beautiful here but they are starting to go away cause winter. Elder Harris have been doing well together and having fun. This past weekend was full of walking a lot, people keep honking and waving and we don't recognize any of them!
   We get to go up to Charleston this week to hear from   Elder and Sister Kopischke of the 70. Half the mission will be there so it will be awesome to see a lot of my missionary buddies but most importantly to be spiritually fed!
    Hope yall have a great week! I know we will! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Chicken or beef?"

 I have been walking on cloud 9 this week! We had so much going on and a lot of AMAZING experiences! HUGE highlight of the week was this weekend when Jessie and Judy got baptized! I cant explain how happy it makes me happy that they entered into that covenant! They both had great spiritual experiences both at the baptism and with confirmation. They are preparing to go to the temple this weekend to do temple work for their family! 
   A member took us out to eat and as always, when a missionary walks into anywhere everyone notices us haha. I overheard the people in the booth behind us talking about baptism and confirmation.  I felt that I had to get up and talk to them, no  matter how awkward it might be. They said they saw us and decided to look up and see if someone could be a convert in the LDS church and as they were looking it up is when I talked to them. He asked for a Book of Mormon and to meet with the missionaries! Shows how prepared people are! 
   Speaking of prepared, we had an appointment with a guy were teaching, he wasn't home but his roomate said he wanted to talk to us. It turned out that he had a Book of Mormon and said he'd read it and prayed about it and feels that its true! Hes been to church before and loves it, He said he wants to get baptized but wants to make sure he knows for sure its true! Elder Harris and my jaw was on the floor! It was like every missionaries dream to talk to someone like that! 
   For our wards trunk or treat, we handed out Ramen and when the kids would say trick or treat we would say "Chicken or beef!?" hahaha! It was our fun way to hand something out that was cheap. Last night, our neighbors had us an the other elders over for dinner! They are so good to us! We always have a good time when we got see them. 
    Such a great week, full of great memories. I love this work, it brings a happiness that cannot be explained! love yall! 
Elder Johnson