Monday, September 28, 2015

It brought immediate peace to my heart

  It wasn't to long sense i last emailed, but we have been keeping busy! We have been seeing so many great things happening. We also have been having some people try to put us down for what we're doing. At first it made me pretty mad because they don't even give you a chance to defend yourself. I said a prayer to help me calm down, cause I was pretty mad haha. I was reminded by the Spirit what President Nelson told the mission presidents to tell us. "Remind the missionaries that Christ loves them". It brought immediate peace to my heart knowing that Christ is on my side! 
   My mom looked up this Ice cream place in our area called Toni's Ice cream... man was it really good! We are most defiantly going back! 
   Well got to give 2 shout outs this week, one to Elder Yocom, His birthday is tomorrow! Also, the infamous Elder Millard has a birthday on the 3rd! Love those 2! 
Well I gotta get going. Have a great week! Love yins!
heres the sandlot, Clarksburg

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

UnClE RaTcHeT TuRtLe

What an amazing week we had. Do I say that a lot? I feel like I do but how could you not have an amazing week when you represent Jesus Christ! haha We had a meeting with President and Sister Salisbury. We drove up to Charleston because they installed this thing called Tiwi in the missions cars. It tracts the missionaries driving and helps us drive safe. We don't have to worry about it cause we don't have a car. At the meeting the missionaries in Pikeville Kentucky were there. They were telling me that the members and people still remember me and talk about me! It made me really happy cause its been over a year sense Ive served there :) 
   We got a referral from the Washington DC temple! It was really cool! There was a guy who went to the visitor center and asked for missionaries to come see him! and He lives here in Clarksburg. So we are excited to meet him! We met and taught this family! They are awesome, they are looking for a church to go to. Eric, one of the family members, told us to call him " Uncle Ratchet Turtle" hahaha! He accepted to be baptized! 
   Jessie and her mom are doing so well! Her mom Judy, came to church for the first time on sunday and she loved it! they are both really excited to be baptized! They are progressing really well! Ben and his girlfriend are doing well and excited to come to church. We have been meeting so many awesome people. The other day we told this lady that we liked her necklace and she had us sit on her porch and gave us milk and pumpkin bread and told us to come back Friday to teach her family! People are being prepared! 
   LOVE the mission! Love the people, and love the things Im learning! Have a great week! 
Love Elder Johnson 

Monday, September 14, 2015

DeEr On ThE LaWn!

Wow, what a week of testimony builders and funny moments! Elder Harris and I seem to have something funny happen to us everyday. One hilarious experience this week was being on an elevator. We got on this elevator to see someone and half way up, it just stops! So we were awkwardly stuck for like 10 minutes. (for any office fans) I almost decided to establish a pee corner! haha! And if that wasn't enough, we got out  on the wrong floor. I got back in and the door closed before Elder Harris could get in, i pressed the door open button frantically because we are supposed to stay within sight and sound. But the elevator started going down! I was alone for a few minutes till Elder Harris got down. Had a mini heart attack! 
   We went on exchanges this week! I went with Elder Corless who is from California to! Part of their area covers some of Ohio! So I got to go into Ohio and do some work! It was fun! I have been in 5 of the 7 states that our mission covers! They have a truck to drive around so it was nice to be able to drive haha. 
   We had stake conference! It was such a great meeting!! The Spirit was so strong at them. President and Sister Salisbury were in attendance and even spoke! I think one of the MANY powerful things that happened was when the stake president had all the Primary kids stand and sing the first 2 verses of "I am a Child of God". It then we all sang the last verse. It made me tear up, It made me think of my sister Cadence and how beautiful and pure she is. It was also a reminder of how God loves each of us and who we are, 
   Jessie is doing really well which doesn't surprise me! She is just eating everything up! Its amazing to see her progression and how much she enjoys the gospel.
   We went to the Black history festival, this weekend. back to back festivals haha. It was awesome! There was a man who gave us a meal in honor of a young man in the ward who passed away a few years ago. We told his family about it and they were very touched. 
   I love being a missionary! It excites my soul. thanks for all you do! Transfers are next week so ill be back on Wednesday. Have a great week! 
Love, Elder Johnson

Its normal for deer to be on peoples lawns in these parts

Me in Ohio

Monday, September 7, 2015

Flash mob at Zone meeting!

A cool old rail road track we walked over

One of the hills we climb

 What a week! We had a lot going on! 
We had a great week, as always we are able to talk to A LOT more people as we are walking around. I love being able to talk to so many people, not just cause i like people, but because we see them all around and if we were friendly then they remember and are receptive later or plants the seed for future missionaries or people who share the gospel with them. We had a great time at zone meeting! Elder Boer and Kamauu brought the Spirit. We talked a lot about prayer and how important it is. At the end of the meeting this sister missionary companionship got up and started singing a missionary version of "you'l miss me when I'm gone" hahaha. Nobody knew it was coming haha. 
   This past weekend they has the famous Clarksburg Italian festival. It was a lot of fun! There were a lot of people who came up to us and said that they had met with missionaries before or had seen us walking around. Almost all of them said that we could come by and teach them!! It was crazy! There was this older lady who came up to us and started talking to us. She asked us where we were from, when I told her California shes like "Oh! California here I come!", then gave me a big hug.. hahaha. 
   Jessie came to church again! She said the testimonies of the members really touched her heart and she felt like she could connect. She also told us that she felt that she should read the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. She has really enjoyed it. Its amazing to see how the Spirit works with her and how thirsty for the gospel she is! She might go on the ward trip to Kirkland, Ohio!! Things are going really well here. Getting a lot of sun and having a great time! 
hope yall have a great week!! 
Elder Johnson