Monday, September 14, 2015

DeEr On ThE LaWn!

Wow, what a week of testimony builders and funny moments! Elder Harris and I seem to have something funny happen to us everyday. One hilarious experience this week was being on an elevator. We got on this elevator to see someone and half way up, it just stops! So we were awkwardly stuck for like 10 minutes. (for any office fans) I almost decided to establish a pee corner! haha! And if that wasn't enough, we got out  on the wrong floor. I got back in and the door closed before Elder Harris could get in, i pressed the door open button frantically because we are supposed to stay within sight and sound. But the elevator started going down! I was alone for a few minutes till Elder Harris got down. Had a mini heart attack! 
   We went on exchanges this week! I went with Elder Corless who is from California to! Part of their area covers some of Ohio! So I got to go into Ohio and do some work! It was fun! I have been in 5 of the 7 states that our mission covers! They have a truck to drive around so it was nice to be able to drive haha. 
   We had stake conference! It was such a great meeting!! The Spirit was so strong at them. President and Sister Salisbury were in attendance and even spoke! I think one of the MANY powerful things that happened was when the stake president had all the Primary kids stand and sing the first 2 verses of "I am a Child of God". It then we all sang the last verse. It made me tear up, It made me think of my sister Cadence and how beautiful and pure she is. It was also a reminder of how God loves each of us and who we are, 
   Jessie is doing really well which doesn't surprise me! She is just eating everything up! Its amazing to see her progression and how much she enjoys the gospel.
   We went to the Black history festival, this weekend. back to back festivals haha. It was awesome! There was a man who gave us a meal in honor of a young man in the ward who passed away a few years ago. We told his family about it and they were very touched. 
   I love being a missionary! It excites my soul. thanks for all you do! Transfers are next week so ill be back on Wednesday. Have a great week! 
Love, Elder Johnson

Its normal for deer to be on peoples lawns in these parts

Me in Ohio

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