Monday, September 28, 2015

It brought immediate peace to my heart

  It wasn't to long sense i last emailed, but we have been keeping busy! We have been seeing so many great things happening. We also have been having some people try to put us down for what we're doing. At first it made me pretty mad because they don't even give you a chance to defend yourself. I said a prayer to help me calm down, cause I was pretty mad haha. I was reminded by the Spirit what President Nelson told the mission presidents to tell us. "Remind the missionaries that Christ loves them". It brought immediate peace to my heart knowing that Christ is on my side! 
   My mom looked up this Ice cream place in our area called Toni's Ice cream... man was it really good! We are most defiantly going back! 
   Well got to give 2 shout outs this week, one to Elder Yocom, His birthday is tomorrow! Also, the infamous Elder Millard has a birthday on the 3rd! Love those 2! 
Well I gotta get going. Have a great week! Love yins!
heres the sandlot, Clarksburg

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