Monday, October 19, 2015

Grandma Cookie

 There were a lot of things this week where I was able to learn a lot and feel good about what was accomplished. One thing I was particularly proud of was how I was able to make myself fried rice!! Sister Turner in the Ward taught me and showed me how simple it was! I was so excited that I could make something other than something on a BBQ and was edible! haha. My mom wasn't lying when she sent me recipes to make stuff and said how its simple! We also had some really great lessons. Jessie and Judy are doing so great! They are planning to get baptized on the 31st! They have become such good friends and I love them both so much because of the Gospel. I'm so excited for them to make the covenant of baptism and soon after go to the temple! 
    We have been having a blast every time we go to see the Haddix family. They are so much fun to see and they enjoy us coming over to! Their grandma always is happy to see us and has us come in! The little 8 year old reminds me of my brother Clark so much! He looks just like him at that age and acts a little like him to. haha We also have a great time going to see the Turners every Sunday evening for dinner! They have such an awesome family and the kids are just so much fun! We always joke that we get dinner and entertainment because they kids are energetic and are fun! The Sabbath is always a delight. 
   John riddle is awesome. We have been teaching him sense we got here and he had a friend over Saturday. He invited him to learn then told him he would pick him up for church the next day and he did! It was so cool to see him be happy to share the gospel with Shawn (his friend). After church he was like "Im glad I came today". It was great!  
   Went on exchanges, I got to be with Elder Kamauu! We had soo much fun! We have served around each other before. There's this hole in the wall restaurant  that's good called "Grandma Cookies". (Paul LeBaron would be proud;) ) We met her on exchanges!! Shes super nice and they are making a shake called the Razlet because we kept ordering a chocolate raspberry shake haha. 
    Final story, at church this lady was staring at me and Elder Harris. She finally came up to us and turned to me and said, "I'm sorry to stare. I just think your so handsome!" haha of course I was taken back! haha "Well thank you" was all I could get out haha She said I look like this guy in the movies she watches haha 
  Well hope yall have a great week! Love yins! 
Elder Johnson

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