Monday, October 12, 2015

Fire pit for days

There are so many highlights from this week I don't even know where to start! We started off the week with a really powerful lesson with James. We didn't have an appointment with him. I thought about him that morning and felt that we should go see him. So we went and he was having a really hard time and was really glad to see us. We told him that we felt prompted to see him and he started to cry and said I know and feel that you were sent from God to see me today. It was amazing. We had the same kinda thing with Jessie. We felt strongly that we needed to see her so we tried going to her home and she wasn't their so we knew we needed to find her and we did! We had a great lesson with her and I felt so glad that we were in tune with the spirit. 
    We have been working with the Haddix family, they are so awesome! We have had to take a little different approach because they are between 8-17 and their dad. Its a lot of fun being there because they really like us coming over to teach and want to learn. We explained priesthood authority and how you have to be worthy and prepared and one of them was compared it to Thor and his hammer, pretty cool! haha
   Our neighbors Suzie and Mike are way to good to us! My suit pants not only did I rip them, but shredded them! Not sure how she did it but Suzie came in clutch and was able to fix them, as if it never happened! They had us over for dinner Friday and it was soo good! Shes a chief, so she made filet mignon with potatoes and really good home made bread! oh man, she made this really good cake! Dessert is my favorite part of a meal haha. They put on music during dinner that you would hear at Olive Garden or some fancy Italian restaurant and lite candles, and they even made a toast to us, the whole nine yards! It was a lot of fun! They are great people. 
   Yesterday, we were asked to go into primary and sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth". In the chorus we said "and we are now the Lords missionaries.." It always makes me tear up when I sing it that way because Ive prepared my whole life to be a missionary and here I am doing it!! Its such a blessing, best decision Ive ever made. 
    Great week! Hope yall are doing great! We're working hard in Clarksburg! Your prayers are felt and help a lot. Love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

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