Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Less active missionaries?

So this week has been super crazy!! in a nutshell, our house had a foot of water under it, a mini lake in our kitchen and water dripping form our ceiling... so we got out of there! we've been living with the Elders in White Sulpur. its been a lot of fun! We've had good times meeting with their investigators and meeting new people. 
We had a really big snow storm and got a lot of snow and ice! im not used to that! glad i got some peepes from Utah that can and have drivin in snow haha. We got snowed in for a day! when it stopped snowing we shoveled out our neighbors and members, it was awesome! we had a big snowball fight with all our neighbors! and built a snow cave during lunch! i guess snow isent that bad ;) Sense there has been a lot of snow we haven't had church for the past 4 weeks! it feels like im a less active missionary haha. 
Im being transferred! im going up to Roanoke to be with Elder Lopez!! i was in the MTC with him! hes a stellar missionary! ill be serving as a zone leader! im excited to learn and serve others.  
SO epic news there is a member of the 12 that is coming to speak to our mission!! im pumped! ill let yall know how that goes! 
have a great week!! love yins! 

Elder Johnson 

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