Monday, February 2, 2015

Cupcakes or insurance?

another great week in the Covington area in the WVCM!! Got to meet with the Salisburys! President interviewed us, hes such an inspired man, full of the spirit. Sister Salisbury was showing us pictures of her son Jordan on his mission in the Philippines. 
Got to go on exchanges with the zone leaders. it was a lot of fun! we were able to contact a man named sherman. Hes a really tall, African American gent with one leg! but he doesn't let that stop him. He was really excited to learn about the footnotes, how he could use it with the Book of Mormon AND the bible! He wants us to come over for lunch and teach him and his friends about the plan of salvation! 
we've been having fun teaching people a lesson on faith. you open a tea bag, poor out the contents and balance the paper unfolded on the persons hand and set it on fire. itll burn until it close to your hand and get hot. if they dont move theyre hand then itll float up. kinda a fun way to teach about faith. if you try this then make sure a responsible adult is present hahaha! 
had a really great district meeting this weekend. its amazing how the spirit works and helps us know what to teach. there were 2 elders who came up to me after and said that what was talked about in the meeting is what they needed. amazing how the spirit works when your listening.  
love this work so much! yall are wonderful! 

Love Elder Johnson 

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