Monday, January 26, 2015

"Go day, come day, God send Sunday"

Week this week was a winner! 
who needs alarm clocks when your neighbor has hound dogs that when one goes off, the others decide to join in! it doesn't last long but they got a loud yapper! 
only here would people have pot belly pigs as pets! haha we met this lady who has a huge pig that comes to her whenever she calls! it has its own liitle spot in the house and everything! its was awesome talkin to Jean (the owner of the pig). Shes a really nice lady! she is a family person and treats us like family. She introduced us to her niece who had met with missionaries before! pretty cool. We got to talk with Darce Hayes, shes so awesome haha. she always tells us about her cats and how much the world needs more missionaries like us. we asked her to come to church with us and she said, " go day, come day, God send Sunday" hahah. shes a hoot! 
President Salisbury is comin down to do interviews! i love when i get to talk with him, hes an amazing mission president!! he was askin us what restaurants were good that him and Sister Salisbury could eat at haha. not everyday that your mission president asks ya that! 
This area is beautiful! the people are really nice and we are finding a lot of really awesome, prepared people! Elder Yocom and i have been gettin along well! hes a funny kid! He learns fast and is a great missionary! i cant believe that this thursday is my year mark! this year has flown by way to fast and i know this next one will go even faster. I enjoy every second of it; the good the bad and the ugly! love yall and am grateful for for your prayers and support! have a great week! 

Elder Johnson 

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