Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So we hid in the closet and waited till they left!

 Got the transfer news! im staying in covington! President Salisbury called me yesterday and asked me to be a district leader trainer! so ill continue being a district leader as well as training a brand spankin new elder! im pumped! ill get him late tomorrow. Servin with Elder Anderton has been fun! hes a good kid, really easy to get along with. Man, we had a lot of things happen this week, i wish i had time to write about all the adventures we had! 
Well our pipes froze cuz it got so cold so only cold water came out... so the shower was not pleasant. we got it fixed, but we're planning on moving to another house soon! the ones we looked at were nice! 
Alicha, in the White Sulphur area got baptized on Sunday!! i got to interview her for baptism! she has such a light about her and so prepared for the gospel! her finance baptized her. it was my first time interviewing someone for baptism, i felt so inadequate haha. I was with Elder Stout, on an exchange. we went to this cupcake place to get hot chocolate. Long story short, the credit card thing wasn't workin so we got a free cupcake, hot chocolate and pepperoni rolls! not as good as Pinkys though ;)for all you golf fans out there, we stopped by the Green brier, a very cool lookin place. 
awkward storys of this week; tried opening this persons glass screen door and the handles feel off haha, they didnt answer so we put it back together haha. On sunday we were getting some baptismal clothes for alichas baptism, we had to go through the womens bathroom to get to them so we had a guy stand outside to make sure no ladies came in, well he didnt do his job... as we were in the closet by the baptismal font, we hear a lady come in! so we hid in the closet and waited till they left hahaha. 
Well gotta go! hope yall have a great week! ill be back monday
Love Elder Johnson 

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