Monday, July 20, 2015

The work is Hastening!

   What a great week here in the Roanoke valley! We stayed super busy this week. The Roanoke zone is seeing so many miracles. We have been seeing a lot. especially as we have been going through the ward roster and finding less active members that we can work with and we found this name and decided to stop by, best decision ever!! We found this young couple, the wife is a member but her husband is not! They were so welcoming, they let us right in and gave us a ice cream sandwich! Super cool people.
   We did some door knocking to find some new investigators and almost every door we knocked they told us to come back! That is always nice to hear! We also stopped by the family history library in the church. Im still trying to figure it out and get good at it, but I love learning about my ancestors, where I came from and their experiences.
   We have been seeing some really great things coming from working in Daleville. We met with Alvin again. He asked us all to bare our testimonies, which brought the spirit so strongly. By the end it kinda turned into a friendly bash but he wants us to come back. He is such a great guy, has a great faith! Chris came with us the entire day. We stayed busy and made sure to drink a  lot of water because it has been so humid!!
   As we were driving home from church, the Huffman family yelled out the window, "Come to our house, we got food for ya!" haha So we were pretty excited about! They always randomly give us food, which growing young men such as ourselves wont turn down! haha We have been working with the Vogel family for a while, they are members except for their daughter who is 11, almost 12. She is prepared and ready but waiting for different things. We sat down and talked to her and her mom about it and laid it out, asking if she still wanted to be baptized and she did so her and her mom picked a August 9th! Cant wait! Nylaejah is getting ready to be baptized in the next few weeks!
   We are seeing so many great things happen here in Roanoke and in the mission! The Lord is truly hastening His work! We have interviews with president Salisbury tomorrowIt always makes me so happy to see him and Sister Salisbury! Elder Millard and I are doing great! We are tearing it up here. Love Roanoke, Elder Millard, this mission and the Lord! Heavenly Father is so aware of us! He knows us, our hearts.
Love yall!
Elder Johnson

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