Monday, August 3, 2015

Our jaws were on the floor

   Well sorry for being late to emails this week. President Salisbury texted us this morning and said he, Sister Salisbury and their son Jordan were there playing basketball and wanted us to join! Jordan got home from his mission in the Philippines a couple days ago. Hes a really chill guy!  It was a lot of fun spending some time with them outside of the "official" meetings and such.
   We had a really crazy cool experiences with tacting this week!  First off we were walking down this street and we felt some huge drops. I thought it was bird poop because it was clear blues skies. But we hear this loud noise... We look over and its a wall of water and its coming down in buckets!!! We looked at each other and made a run for it back to the car! as we were running the wall was coming for us! It only caught us in the last few seconds before we reached the mini van but we were really wet! haha We were laughing so hard! We didn't know why we were scared but we just ran like we were running from a tsunami hahaha!
   We also met this guy in Fincastle. We came up to him while he was sitting outside and he invited us in! It was nice because it was really hot outside! He asked us how to know the ture church and if there was a book that could help clarify the bible... our jaws were on the floor! haha
  Sorry for the short email! It was a great week! Transfers next week!! Ill be back Wednesday!
Love yall!
Elder Johnson

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