Monday, August 24, 2015

He yelled at us from a megaphone!

 What a jam packed week! I didn't expect to be this busy opening an area!  Got a lot going on so i have to make this kinda fast! sorry! 
   So we met this guy we yelled at us from a megaphone and called us over haha. He had great questions and has been prepared by the Lord! He took us to dinner after the lesson, then drove us home! is was awesome! 
   Played basketball the other night with nonmembers! There was a member (Sister Hamerick?)  that is from Hawaii but she knows the Fuga family! shes down in Irvine and surrounding cities! i surprised myself at how many shots i made! 
   Theres this awesome family, the Ingolds! They remind me a lot of my parents! Such funny, awesome people! He took us to a couple appointments and dinner. Hes a great man.
   Had a wonderful meeting with President and Sister Salisbury! I love every time we get to be with them. Had a very enlightening meeting as always! I wish i had time to talk about the many things learned! 
  We have had so many miracles! I LOVE being a missionary! 

Elder Johnson 

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