Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

 hey mom! so this weel was kinda bad... 

We got infested with bed bugs and we were quarantined for 1 1/12 days. We werent able to go out at all and it sucked. After that, we had a bed bug guy come and exterminate them. he got to our place at 11, and finished at 4pm. We werent able to go back into  our  apt till 9pm!!! We went out to Goshan and help tear down a trailer for these people in our ward. It wss pretty fun. Theyre son Matthew is going on a mission to idaho in 2 weeks so we hung out with him and ate dinner at theyre home. It was fun, they have a really nice big 4 story home! and for dinner we had mahi mahi!!! it was super good! anyway,we came back home that night and we had to do ALL our laundry so we went to the laundry mat and did it all, we got home at 2:30 am.  OH! also we had to deep clean our apt and move everything to the middle of all our rooms to prepare for the extermination. Its still not put together but at least we arent sleeping in the living room anymore  
 despite all that, This area is seriously mind blowing how beautiful it is!!!! i took lots of pictures. We went on a walk last night and we went on this trail that went along the river and it was amazing. It went through this tunnel, super pretty. OH!!!! On thursday we went up to drive on blueridge pass, most breath taking place, its famous for its beauty. We stopped at this one place on the side of the road and we walked up into it and it was seriously so tropical and like a rain forest. There were waterfalls and trees and streams, it was like we were in the avatar world!! sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This place is so beautiful, it does'nt even look real.

This looks like the Sacred Grove to me

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