Monday, June 9, 2014

Who the Lord calls, He qualifies

So this past week was super awesome!! I went on exchanges with my zone leader. I was really nervous at first cuz i had to run my area. So of course i prayed. I asked Heavenly Father for the strength and faith to do what he wants me to do. Right after i prayed the first thought that came to my mind was "who the Lord calls, He qualifies" Its so true. He wouldnt ask me to do anything that i wasent able to do so i went forward with full confidence. It was a really good day and we talked to some awesome people. During the end of the day we went tracting and so i picked a place  and we got there an d we prayed before we started to find a couple that would be willing to listen to us or invite us bacl. After i prayed then spirit told me that you will find people. Im not even kidding; right when we got out of the car there was a couple that was walking to theyre driveway and we Talked to them and said we could come back!!!! Then we knocked on some more doors and every person said we could come back!!!!! one of the guys was drunk but thats ok, the Lord loves everyone. Another lady, We knocked on her door and she came out and looked at us and started laughing. Confused we asked how she was doing and imtroduced ourselfs. she was like " i know who you are, i just think its crazy that right as i sat down and started reading my bible you guys showed up. Long story short she invited us back and took a Book of Mormon!! as we were leaaving her house a guy walking stopped us and talked with us, gave us his number and said he wants to meet with us!! CARZY!!!! so this week was really awesome. We just had a really fun zone pday. I love my zone, ive git really awesome missionaries around me! I sed the crock pot for the Zone Pday


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