Monday, May 11, 2015

You can call us J-Lo

what a blessing it is to have mothers. im blessed to have the mother i do. Hope yall had a wonderful mothers day! i had a blast talking with my family! especially my dear mother :) it was also wonderful to see and talk with my soon to be sister in law Rachel! 
So we had lunch with our neighbor Steve. hes very hospitable, and fed us good! his wife carol is very kind! 
I love the people here, both members and investigators! everyone is really friendly. the area is so beautiful during this time of the year to! everything is so green! the weather is warming up to so its time to bust out the short sleeve shirts! 
so we went to chik fil la (probably spelled wrong but you get the idea) for lunch and when we walked in a nice young man came around from the register and introduced himself. he called us elders which people don't call us unless they know us or are members haha. hes not a member but used to live in utah and liked the missionaries there. we invited him to come to church and he said hes been wanting to come to our church so he should be coming this next Sunday!! 
Elder Lopez and i decide that together we are J-lo, so that's what a lot of the members call us haha
We have been teaching people who speak Spanish, and englsih as a 2nd language. so there is a barrier. but ive been praying for help to be able to know whats being said and studying things in Spanish. as we've been teaching i understand what they're saying then i respond in English and they can understand what im saying. its so amazing how the Lord has his hand in HIS work and how i can be a small part, to receive the gift to understand people who speak another language. i love this work with all my heart. love yall so much! have a GREEAAAT week! 
Love Elder Johnson   

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