Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Once an Eagle always an Eagle

Im grateful for musinex  and benadrell! this week started off with bad cold. Got over that and went on with life. Lots of way cool stuff happened again this week. We were walking around Beaver lake to find people to talk to and came across some people on the bridge. We stopped and talked with them. It was a young man and his family preparing for his Eagle project! So Elder Mcmullin and i, being eagle scouts offered to help. They were excited and confused at strangers offering but told us to come back at the end of the week to build the mini pier. So we went back and had a great time helping them and answering questions they had about the church. It was awesome being able to help him. It reminded me of my days in scouting with  Elder Baugh,  Elder Burden, Elder McCarthy and Elder Myers. all of us being missionaries now! thats awesome!    We had really good times. 
We were in Sheetz ( a gas station ) and we went inside and this guy comes up to us and talked to us about how hes seen us walking around doing our "pilgrimage". He told us to pick out some things to buy! he bought us stuff to eat cuz he knew we were doing the Lords work! that was pretty awesome!  
Yesterday was an adrenaline kicker! we were driving down the road and Elder Mcmllin notices that the breaks arent working very well. we checked the break fluid and we had plenty. so we switched and i drove to see if i felt it to.As we were driving the breaks would completely go out for a few seconds, then come right back. We decided to drive home and walk so we wouldnt crash. on the way back they went out  completely and a car in front of us stopped and we almost hit it but turned out of the way in time. We're getting them fixed today! 
Had a great lesson with our investigator Buford! He  told us he was 16 he was baptized!!!!  so no longer an investigator hahah. 
Sister charla cline should be coming to church sunday! Shes such a nice lady! we have been talking about the plan of salvation with her cuz of her grandsons passing and it has helped her a lot. David lilly has been doing better. We had a really strong lesson with him. he was crying after cuz the spirit was so strong. 
Thanks for all the support and letters! its really encouraging! Love yall! 
Elder Johnson


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