Thursday, September 11, 2014

Behold a Royal Army

The hymns in the hymn book are filled with sooo much that we can learn from!! as a missionary i love "Behold a Royal Army". I like to think of me and my fellow missionaries (shout out to all the Pleasent View missionaries from Huntington Beach) Being the ranks filled with Soldiers. Its so motivating. I love hymns! 
Well the first part of the week we took our car in to get the brakes checked. sears wasent able to find any problems. so the mission office told us to go to the chevy dealership. drove over and waited a good 2 hours. the man checking the car comes and says "your car is unsafe to drive, we'll give ya a rental for the next day or so". so we fill outr some paper work and he walks us out and hands us the keys to a 2014 CHEVY SILVERADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  4 door full, 10 foot bed!!!1 it was a full sized truck!!! best day ever. drove that around. 
       Well i got a call from the mission President the other day and he asked me if i would train a new missionary! Im  a little nervous cuz this will set the stage for the rest of his mission. I know itll be an adventure, im excited. We were able to se a man that has been less active for 20 years. hes a so son of a member of our ward. Really nice guy. Miracle he even talked to us cuz hes been pretty against the church. He wants us to come back and teach him and his wife! that should be awesome! 
We've been able to see Jennifer and Derrel a lot more! and jennifer quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 we're so happy! shes so close to baptism!!! i love going to theyre home. they always offer us drinks and are very kind. love them. Yesterday we were handing out the pass along card pictures of Jesus and some guy ran up to us and asked what we were doing. we talked to him and explained what we do as missionaries, We have an appointment with him tonight! he said he'd bring his Girl friend to!! the work is moving right along. I LOVE being a missionary. thanks for the support and love. yall are the best from the west! 
Love Elder Johnson 

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